10 Legal Services For Truckers

10 Legal Services For Truckers

Navigating the open road as a trucker can be a rewarding yet challenging profession, often posing unique legal issues.

From gaining an understanding of your rights as a driver to dealing with accidents or violations, it’s essential to have expertise on your side.

This is why knowing what legal services for truckers are available to you can make all the difference.

Whether you’re an independent operator or working for a larger logistic corporation, legal matters are bound to emerge at some point in your career.

Surely, we are not hoping for such situations, but it’s always better to be prepared rather than taken by surprise.

Just as your rig needs regular preventative maintenance, so does your awareness of the various legal services and protections at your disposal. Let us delve into how these services can help ensure smooth operations in the fast lane.

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10 Legal Services for Truckers

Being a trucker involves more than long hours on the open road. It also includes maneuvering through a veritable maze of legal issues, from regulatory compliance and contract law to personal injury claims and disputes with employers or clients.

The variety of potential legal challenges can be overwhelming, but don’t fret! Legal services for truckers are specially designed tools ready to help you sail smoothly across these rough legal seas.

1. Truckers Voice in Court (TVC)

This service is a favorite among truckers for good reason. TVC pulls together a team of legal professionals with expertise in the logistics field.

10 Legal Services for Truckers: Truckers Voice in Court (TVC)

Defending your CDL, aka your commercial driver’s license, and protecting your rights. TVC has you covered whether you’ve received an ill-timed moving violation ticket or you find yourself needing assistance due to an unfortunate roadside inspection result.

Key Perks:

  • Access to expert knowledge: With TVC’s professional legal team, you can trust them to put your needs first.
  • Nationwide representation: No matter your location, TVC strives to provide top-notch assistance throughout the United States.
  • Letter writing services: Are you in need of a well-crafted letter? They are ready and willing to take this additional step.

2. CDL Defender by US Legal

The CDL Defender from US Legal is their specialized offering for commercial drivers across the country. With personalized legal strategies and a commitment to help keep jobs and licenses secure, this plan gives truckers comprehensive protection against any possible highway pitfalls they may encounter.

Avoid accumulating points on your driver’s record that could potentially increase insurance rates and negatively impact employability.

Highlights Include:

  • Fighting traffic tickets: Capable attorneys will provide affordable defense for traffic tickets.
  • License protection: They work hard to protect your CDL and safeguard your livelihoods.
  • Consultations on myriad topics: You have access to consultations ranging from personal injury claims to worker’s compensation matters.

3. American-Truckers’ Legal Association Inc (ALTA)

ALTA stands out as one of the few non-profit organizations dedicated solely to advocating for truck drivers’ rights.

10 Legal Services for Truckers: American-Truckers’ Legal Association Inc (ALTA)

This organization connects truckers with labor lawyers familiar with the complexities unique to the industry – all while continuing its ongoing mission of defending trucker’s rights nationwide.

Main Features:

  • Nationwide legal network: ALTA connects truckers with experienced attorneys.
  • Non-profit setting: They maintain an approach that allows for affordable services.
  • Exclusive representation: Lawyers who grasp the unique challenges faced by truckers.

4. Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien

With over 40 years of legal experience, Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien is a law firm committed to getting the best results for their clients.

They’re always ready to stand up for truckers battling against car and truck accident claims, on-the-job accidents, and even unfair dismissals. You can rely on them to consider your best interests.

Key Benefits:

  • Expansive experience: With extensive experience in all things transport-related.
  • Personalized strategy: Their approach caters uniquely to your needs.
  • Comprehensive coverage: From injury claims to worker’s rights disputes – their team has you covered.

5. CDL Legal

CDL Legal offers protection in one vital area: driving records. Keeping driver’s records clean is crucial for every professional driver’s career longevity and overall success.

10 Legal Services for Truckers: CDL Legal

Recognizing this importance, CDL Legal commits its resources to provide individualized and affordable representation for various situations that could blemish driving records – from assisting with moving violations, non-moving violations, and serious CDL violations they are advocating for trucker rights!

Unique Features:

  • Focus on records: They help keep your record clean and intact.
  • Affordable representation: Their mission is to provide low-cost high-value legal services.
  • Comprehensive legal protection plan: Whether faced with a moving violation or serious CDL violation, they’ve got you protected.

6. Aegis Tax Defense

As a trucker, managing your taxes whilst traversing the US highways can be a daunting task. This is why Aegis Tax Defense offers specialized services tailored to this profession.

10 Legal Services for Truckers: Aegis Tax Defense

Helping you resolve your tax-related issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). From tax preparation to IRS audits or tax liens, Aegis is here to ensure that you get every bit of assistance with these tricky matters.

Distinct Features:

  • Expert tax resolution: These professionals provide immediate relief from IRS enforcement. This protective shield ensures that you can direct all your focus on the road ahead.
  • Tax preparation resources: Known for their thoroughness, they assist in accurately filing Federal and State returns whilst taking full advantage of all the deductions available to truckers.
  • Premium audit representation: If selected for an IRS audit, they’ll step in to handle it. With expert guidance, ease your mind and let them tackle this process.

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7. Criminal Defense for Truckers Attorney Referral Service

When things go awry and you find yourself needing legal defense, don’t fret–help is at hand! The Criminal Defense for Truckers Attorney Referral Service (CDFTARS) bridges the gap between truck drivers in need of criminal defense lawyers specializing in transportation law.

Core Components:

  • Referral service: CDFTARS provides a network of skilled lawyers ready to help truckers facing legal obstacles.
  • Countrywide access: No matter where an incident occurs, their broad reach across state lines makes finding representation simple.

8. Harvard Business Services

Truckers seeking guidance on incorporating their businesses turn to the experienced team at Harvard Business Services (HBS).

Recognized as a leader in entity formation and business maintenance services – HBS serves as a one-stop shop for truckers looking to register their companies or maintain existing ones across all U.S. states.

10 Legal Services for Truckers: Harvard Business Services

Distinguishing Qualities:

  • Formation and maintenance: HBS assists in starting and maintaining your trucking business, helping you select optimal legal structures.
  • Extensive advisory service: Complex application processes are made easy with their personal advisor support system.

9. LegalShield Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan

In comes LegalShield with its special offering – the Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan (CDLP). This plan has been designed to deliver legal assistance to truckers with regularity, even on the go.

Standout Aspects:

  • 24/7 access to legal services anytime, anywhere!
  • Comprehensive scope: From moving violations, accident representation, or DOT violations to personal-related issues such as identity theft protection – CDLP covers it all!

10. McNees, Wallace & Nurick

Catering specifically to the transport industry with over 80 years of experience under their belt is where McNees, Wallace & Nurick shine.

Their Transport Services Group provides encompassing help on litigation matters ranging from accident-related issues and workers’ compensation claims right through to OSHA violations and contract disputes.

Key Elements:

  • Strong representation: McNees attorneys have a proven track record in litigation involving transport-related cases.
  • Regulatory compliance expertise: They provide crucial advice regarding regulatory standards compliance which protects drivers from potential pitfalls.

All these services aim to provide truckers, just like you, with peace of mind that a safety net exists when legal troubles arise. Remember – everyone needs direction at times.

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Do I need a lawyer for trucking regulation compliance?

Yes, navigating through the complex federal and state regulations could be challenging. A knowledgeable attorney can help ensure you’re following all the rules.

Who can use trucker’s legal services?

Whether you’re an independent trucker or working for a larger company, these legal services cater to any professional driver in need of legal assistance.

Do these legal services represent drivers nationwide?

Yes, most of these services operate nationally, meaning they can assist you regardless of your current location in the US.

Can I get protection for my commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

Absolutely! Programs like TVC and CDL Defender specialize in defending your CDL from violations that could potentially threaten your license.

Will these services help if I’m involved in an accident?

Yes, several of these legal service providers offer representation and guidance following accidents from handling insurance claims to personal injury lawsuits.


The trucking industry has unique legal challenges. Luckily, a wealth of resources are available ensuring you have the best legal advice at your fingertips.

From non-profit groups like ALTA to specialized services like CDL Defender by US Legal, there is someone ready to advocate for you.

By exploring these options, you can secure reliable counsel that will protect your rights and livelihood on the open road. Remember, being prepared with legal support today can save you countless headaches down the road.