Discover Top 19 Paid CDL Training Programs Trucking Offers

Discover Top 19 Paid CDL Training Programs Trucking Offers

As I start revealing the secrets to a robust career on the road, let me shed some light on a golden opportunity: paid CDL training.

Imagine embarking on a journey that not only sets you up for a lifelong profession but also pays you while you learn!

These programs are more than just classes; they’re your ticket to freedom and stability. Picture yourself in the driver’s seat, cruising down endless highways with skills that earn both money and respect. Now, grab your gear, and let’s accelerate into this promising venture together!

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the open road as your office, steering towards success? Getting started might be easier than you think with companies offering paid CDL training.

These tailored programs cover your tuition costs and often even pay you during this learning curve. It means getting top-notch instruction from industry professionals without the heavy burden of student debt latching onto your bumper like uninvited cargo.

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19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies

In the world of trucking, having a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a must. It opens up a plethora of job opportunities for you.

There are plenty of trucking companies out there that value your desire to become better at your profession.

These tailgate giants offer special paid CDL training programs for those willing to learn and evolve. So, here are two out of the best twenty trucking firms that offer these prized initiatives:

1. Hirschbach

Hirschbach Motor Lines is a total transport solution with diverse offerings in temperature-controlled, dedicated contract carriage, and logistics services, all delivered with impeccable timing throughout the United States.

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: Hirschbach

They also have been a stable force in transportation and logistics for over 80 years but they do not just rest on their many laurels.

  • Locations – Iowa and Kansas
  • Program Length – Four weeks spanning rigorous training experiences.
  • Contract Commitment – Varies depending on the terms between the company and the driver.
  • Pay during Training – A hearty $475 per week in Phase 1 and $90 per day in Phase 2 sure beats most remunerations around town.
  • Pay after Training – An impressive not less than $1 per mile team driving rate
  • Employee Benefits – This includes health/dental/vision plans as well as 401(k) with employer match plus Paid Time Off (PTO).

2. Maverick Transportation

In business since 1980 delivering innovative solutions to customers across North America Maverick Transportation has unrivaled expertise in flatbed & specialized transportation, dedicated truckload service delivery as well as third-party logistical services.

  • Locations: Their offices span two states: Iowa and Kansas
  • Program Length: The course lasts for four weeks filled with hands-on learning experiences that prepare you for life on the road.
  • Contract Commitment: They don’t corner you into anything; it varies depending on what you’re comfortable with.
  • Pay during Training: You’ll earn yourself a tidy $700 per week during your training process.
  • Employee Benefits: The company cares about its drivers, offering health/dental/vision plans, 401(k) with an employer match, and PTO.

3. TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation stands among some of the most distinguished companies providing paid CDL training courses.

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: TMC Transportation

Their program is structured around three core weeks which are quite intensive but profoundly informative. If TMC Transportation happens to tempt you, here are a few things worth knowing about their package:

  • Locations: You’ll find their branches operating actively in Iowa and South Carolina.
  • Program Length: The program wrapped up swiftly within three weeks.
  • Contract Commitment: Most often, they look forward to a commitment period spanning over 12 months.
  • Pay during Training: They do pay quite generously during training; $650 per week.
  • Employee Benefits: Besides health/dental/vision plans on offer, they also provide voluntary insurance policies and meaningful perks like 401(k) with employer match along with paid vacations.

4. Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking carries an esteemed reputation when it comes to offering premium quality paid CDL opportunities.

They set themselves apart by crafting their programs according to varying needs across different states like Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Utah among others.

Here are some essential points that summarize what Prime Trucking brings to the table for prospective candidates:

  • Locations: They welcome applicants from across the lower 48 states including Utah, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.
  • Program Length: The program needs a commitment of 2-3 weeks primarily.
  • Contract Commitment: They require a binding contract for about 12 months after training.
  • Pay during Training: Unfortunately, you won’t be paid during the training period here.
  • Employee Benefits: Like most companies in this domain, they offer health/dental/vision plans along with voluntary insurance policies. Plus, in addition to retirement benefits via 401(k) with employer match, holidays and vacations are also paid here.

5. Roehl Transport

One of the standout companies providing Paid CDL Training is Roehl Transport. With diverse locations in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, and Wisconsin, this program is one to consider.

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: Roehl Transport
  • Program Length: The length of this program extends over three weeks.
  • Commitment Duration: Upon completion of the training program, Roehl expects a 15-month commitment from trainees.
  • Compensation during Training: Pay begins at $400 after onboarding and then shifts to $500 per week throughout training
  • Compensation Post-training: Once your CDL training concludes, you can expect earnings of up to $65,000 annually. However, your salary may vary based on a variety of factors.
  • Benefits Package: Along with a rewarding paycheck, Roehl further sweetens the deal with their comprehensive benefits package that includes health/dental/vision plans as well as additional voluntary insurance policies and paid time off.

6. Schneider

Schneider also sits among premier trucking companies offering paid CDL training programs. This company’s presence spreads nationwide making it easily accessible to many.

  • Program Length: Schneider’s program spans approximately between 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Commitment Duration: The contract commitment duration varies but it guarantees a solid foundation for anyone looking into taking CDL training seriously.
  • Compensation during Training: Schneider pays its trainees throughout the tenure of their CDL training. The exact amount will be variable depending on your location.
  • Compensation Post-training: After successfully finishing your training at Schneider, you can look forward to an average first-year driver paying around $300-$400 per week.
  • Employee Benefits: Besides great paychecks truckers receive after completing their paid CDL Training; Schneider offers additional perks including 401(k) with company match along with health/dental/vision plans and PTO, 6 paid holidays as well as additional voluntary insurance policies.


CRST is an established trucking company that offers one of the best-paid CDL training programs. Their approach to training focuses on providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your career as a professional driver.

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: CRST
  • Location: The home base of CRST is Iowa.
  • Program Length: Covering essential techniques and necessary on-road experience, their training course lasts for four weeks.
  • Contract Commitment: Upon completion, drivers are typically expected to work with CRST for at least ten months.
  • Pay during Training: While undergoing training, there isn’t any pay provided.
  • Employee Benefits: Health insurance (including vision and dental), as well as other voluntary insurance policies, are available to all employees.

8. KLLM Transport Services

KLLM Transport Services offers extensive paid CDL training aimed at preparing individuals for a steady career in driving trucks!

  • Locations: All across multiple states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Illinois, etc., learning centers are available!
  • Program Length: An efficiently crafted 22-day long program ensures you have enough time to grasp concepts properly if already hold a learner’s permit then it’s only 18 days long.
  • Contract Commitment: After completing your CDL course successfully here’s what will seal your bond with them – twelve months working commitment.
  • Employee Benefits: Standing out from the crowd are these benefits – weekly minimum pay, health/dental/vision plans, paid vacation time, and a 401(k) plan with an employer match. Extra voluntary insurance policies as well.

9. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics offers one of the most remarkable paid CDL training programs in multiple locations nationwide. Here’s what you can expect from this program:

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: XPO Logistics
  • Program Duration: The program typically runs for about 4-5 weeks.
  • Payment during Training: The good news is that while undergoing your training, you can opt to work as a dock worker which should provide an income of roughly $600 per week.
  • Contract Commitment: Their contract periods vary depending on the specific conditions at each location.
  • Employee Benefits: Not only do they offer financial rewards but a comprehensive benefits package as well. You get access to 401(k), health plans covering dental and vision care, provision for time off work and holidays, and optional insurance policies.

This lucrative opportunity cannot be overlooked if you are pondering over paid CDL training options.

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10. Knight Transportation

Next up is the impressive program offered by Knight Transportation. Let’s delve into what lies in store for trainees coming on board here:

  • Geographical Location: Their primary base is Arizona but they cooperate with other schools across the nation too.
  • Training Period: A slightly more condensed course when compared with many others – it lasts just about 2.5 weeks!
  • Contract Commitment: The cost of your training is gradually deducted from your pay over the first 35 weeks. If you continue beyond 70 weeks, you’ll receive reimbursement for your upfront training cost.
  • Payment during Training: This varies from location to location.
  • Post-training Payment: A sizable earning opportunity awaits after your training. You can earn up to $650 per week depending on varying factors.
  • Employee Benefits: As a Knight employee, you are entitled to health and dental plans, provision for time off work (PTO), and Knightly offers 401(k) with company matching.

11. Swift Academy

Swift Academy emphasizes not just learning but also future job security with its extended contract commitment period.

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: Swift Academy
  • Locations: Swift Academy operates in multiple states across the US.
  • Program Length: The training program lasts approximately 4 weeks.
  • Contract Commitment: A commitment of 26 months is required from trainees.
  • Pay during training: Unfortunately, there is no pay offered during the time of CDL training.
  • Employee Benefits: They include a matching 401(k) plan for periodical retirement savings contribution by both employee and employer. Comprehensive health/dental/vision plans to keep me covered healthcare-wise. Plus, there’s paid time off (PTO) for rest and personal matters along with additional voluntary insurance policy options.

No upfront payment during my learning phase means focusing fully on gaining skills without interruption; however, it also suggests making arrangements for personal upkeep during this time.

12. Stevens Transport

Stevens Transport presents an enticing blend—solid potential earnings after getting fully licensed as well as thoughtful employee perks extending beyond immediate monetary gain teaching drivers about long-term stability within their career path.

  • Locations: Mainly rooted in Texas while working together with other schools located in various states.
  • Program Length: The entire duration of this program is set at a solid four weeks.
  • Contract Commitment varies but it generally stands around a full year or 12 months of commitment post-training completion
  • Pay during Training: This may alter based on where one’s location might be when partaking in Stevens Transport’s CDL program
  • Employee Benefits consist of health/dental/vision plans which are essentially standard across many employers these days and it doesn’t stop there – they offer additional voluntary insurance policies adding more choice layers into their benefits offering There’s access to a traditional 401(k) savings opportunity signifying long-term financial planning provision Furthermore employees receive compensated vacation days contributing towards meaningful work-life balance

13. CR England

CR England offers up one swift ride into truck driving careers through its relatively short CDL program – we’re talking just over two weeks here!

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: CR England
  • Locations: They are pretty much all over – California, Indiana, Texas, Utah? Yep!
  • Program Length: Approximately 17 days of focused learning.
  • Contract Commitment: Stick with them for nine months after they’ve trained ya’.
  • Pay during training: So here’s the catch – there’s no pay while learning.
  • Pay after training: But hold on! There’s light at the end because drivers might earn up to $52,832 per year on average sometimes even more after finishing their studies!
  • Employee Benefits: On top of regular health/dental/vision coverage plans comes some voluntary insurance options, PTO (paid time off), and that sweet 401(k) company matching thing.

14. YRC Freight

YRC Freight offers one of these paid CDL training programs. Let me tell you about what they have:

  • Locations: They are set up in many states across the US.
  • Program Length: The course lasts for four weeks.
  • Contract Commitment: You have to agree to stay with them for some time, but this can change depending on many things.
  • Pay during training: They will pay an hourly wage that is different based on where you live.
  • Pay after training: After finishing your course, you can make up to $60,000 in the first year—this varies a bit.
  • Employee Benefits: If you work there, they cover health and dental insurance for both yourself and your family. You also get paid days off when sick or on vacation.

15. USA Truck

USA Truck is known for its solid paid CDL training program. If you choose to train with them, here’s what I know about their program:

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: USA Truck
  • Locations: They have opportunities all over America.
  • Program Length: You’ll need to take four weeks to complete the course.
  • Contract Commitment: After training, they ask that you work with them for at least 12 months.
  • Pay during training: As a trainee, expect around $550 per week – not bad for learning new skills!
  • Pay after training: Once done, your pay could jump up significantly based on mileage and other factors.
  • Employee Benefits: On top of earning while learning, USA Truck offers health plans, a matched 401(k) retirement plan (that’s where the company adds money to your retirement savings), and time off.

16. Celadon Trucking

Now let’s look at Celadon Trucking. Here are the basics of their paid CDL program:

  • Locations: Celadon operates in many places across the States.
  • Program Length: Spend around three weeks in their program, mastering the craft of truck driving.
  • Contract Commitment: They expect drivers to stick around generally for nine months after finishing their schooling with them.
  • Pay during training: While figuring out how to maneuver those big trucks you earn – though specifics vary by location.
  • After Training: Your income ramps up once past the newbie stage; it’s linked to how much distance your truck covers each year!
  • Employee Benefits: Like most big employers, they offer health insurance options and ways to save up for when it’s time to kick back and retire.

17. Western Express

We shine a spotlight on Western Express and what it dishes out for budding truckers:

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: Western Express
  • Locations: From sea shining sea — Western Express trains folks all over America!
  • Program Length: Fast-track into a trucker’s seat in about one month or so cause that’s how long their course lasts.
  • Contract Commitment: Stay committed — these folks would like a handful of months dedicated back once trained (specific terms may vary).
  • Pay during training: You don’t just gain skill; there’s cash rolling in weekly too! But remember this could differ based on where you work from.
  • Pay after Training: Trucks don’t move themselves – And once trained under Western Express’s wing, your payoff comes by scaling long stretches of highways(earning potential varies widely among drivers).
  • Employee Benefits: From dental checkups without drilling deep into pockets, to stashing dough into that golden-years fund, plus good vacation days—these benefits are tagged along when hopping aboard with Western Express.

18. PAM Transport

PAM Transport is known for offering one of these great programs:

  • Locations: You can find PAM Transport’s program in various states across the US.
  • Program Length: You’ll spend about 4 weeks in training.
  • Contract Commitment: Expect to commit for 12 months after training.
  • Pay during training: They give you a $100 Walmart gift card each week during your CDL training.
  • Pay after training: When done with training, you could earn up to $800 to $1500 in your first year as a driver, but this can vary based on different things.
  • Employee Benefits: They offer a bunch of benefits like health insurance, and dental and vision plans, and also match half of what you put into your 401(k) retirement plan. There are more benefits too, like an optional per diem program.

The road ahead with PAM Transport looks promising. Becoming a truck driver through their paid CDL training puts you behind the wheel with good pay and perks that keep life running smoothly both on and off the road.

19. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

J.B. Hunt offers another worthy option if you’re hunting for high-quality training:

19 Best Paid CDL Training Programs from Trucking Companies: J.B. Hunt Transport Services
  • Locations: Their programs are available across several states including big ones like California, Indiana, Texas, and Utah.
  • Program Length: The whole thing lasts only 17 days – short and sweet!
  • Contract Commitment: You have to stay with them for at least 9 months after getting trained.
  • Pay during training: While they’re teaching you how to drive trucks during this period, they won’t be paying you just yet.
  • Pay after training: That’s when it gets good – $500–$750 per week depending on various factors!
  • Employee Benefits: The benefit package is robust – healthcare coverages including dental and vision plans plus other insurance options if needed; they even throw some money into your retirement savings matching what you contribute through their 401(k) plan.

J.B. Hunt understands that investing time into their drivers means better service all around. Entering their paid CDL program means not just learning how to drive – it means kick-starting a career with support from every angle.

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What is the highest-paying CDL driving job?

The highest paying CDL driving jobs are often specialized and may include roles such as ice road trucking, tanker hauling, or luxury car transport, which can earn drivers a six-figure income annually.

What is the shortest CDL school?

The shortest CDL schools can run as brief as 17 days of intensive training, with CR England offering one of the quickest programs for getting on the road.

Is CR England a good company to work for?

CR England is known for its swift training program and offers competitive pay after training. Whether it’s good depends on individual preferences and career goals.


Paid CDL training programs are a valuable step toward a promising career in trucking. With options from top trucking companies, you get trained while earning money and securing employment.

These programs stand out because they offer not only professional training but also hands-on experience, often paired with benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

However, it’s essential to consider the commitment required—both time-wise and contractually—before diving in.

Weigh these pros and cons carefully to ensure that this path aligns with both your career goals and personal circumstances.