8 Top Rated Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Providers

8 Top Rated Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Providers

When I’m on the road, hauling freight cross-country or even just making a quick drop-off nearby, I know that there’s one thing as important as the wheels on my truck — having the right insurance.

Specifically, Non-Trucking Liability Insurance is like a security blanket for those times when I’m driving my truck without any cargo in it; whether that’s heading home after a long haul or cruising to pick up a new load.

It’s crucial for peace of mind but picking the right insurer is like finding the perfect pair of boots — it needs to fit just right.

Searching for the best carrier out there? Look no further because I’ve delved into researching and now I’m ready to share what I found about top-notch Non-Trucking Liability Insurance companies.

They range from industry heavyweights to specialized insurers who know exactly what we drivers need when we’re off-duty.

So buckle up, and let’s get to discovering where you can get your hands on reliable coverage that keeps you safe when you’re not under dispatch.

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8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies

When owning or using a truck for non-business activities, having the right coverage is crucial. Non-trucking liability insurance (NTL) gives truck owners peace of mind during their time on the road.

Finding the best insurer can be tough, so I’ve made a list of the top companies that offer NTL insurance. Each has its features, pricing, and customer service levels.

1. Progressive

First up on my list is Progressive. Known for their easy-to-use online tools and customer-friendly services, they stand out in the truck insurance market.

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Progressive

What they offer:

  • Customizable Plans: You can tailor your policy to fit your exact needs.
  • Discounts: There are several ways to lower your premiums through various discounts.
  • 24/7 Support: Day or night, there’s always someone to help with claims or questions.


  • Extensive coverage options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent customer service reputation


  • Discounts may vary by location
  • The online interface may be overwhelming for some
  • Premiums may increase upon renewal

Progressive has built a robust system that caters to non-trucking drivers with efficiency and reliability at its core.

2. Liberty Mutual

Next on my radar is Liberty Mutual – another giant in the insurance industry that provides comprehensive NTL insurance policies.

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Liberty Mutual

What they provide:

  • Risk Management Tools: Their services include expert advice on how to lower risks and therefore premiums.
  • Accident Forgiveness: This feature helps prevent your rates from increasing after an incident.
  • Extensive Coverage Options: From basic liability to fully comprehensive plans are available according to your needs.


  • Strong track record and financially stable
  • A variety of additional coverages are available
  • Accessible customer support


  • Potentially higher costs compared to other providers
  • Coverage limitations in certain areas
  • The claims process can sometimes be lengthy

Liberty Mutual stands as a beacon for those seeking reliable non-trucking liability insurance, provided one navigates their options carefully.

3. Nationwide

When we talk about NTL Insurance, Nationwide is a well-known player. They offer tailored coverage that takes care of truck drivers while they’re off the job. Now let’s dig into what makes Nationwide stand out:

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Nationwide
  • Customizable Coverage: One size doesn’t fit all—Nationwide gets this right by letting you pick and choose the coverages that suit your situation best.
  • 24/7 Claims Service: Accidents don’t check the clock before happening, and with Nationwide, neither do you have to. Their claims service is always ready, day or night.
  • Added Benefits: They include features like roadside assistance which can be a real saver if your truck breaks down when you’re on a personal trip.

Now for the pros and cons:

  • Pros:
  • Broad coverage options mean more flexibility.
  • The 24-hour claims service means help is always a phone call away.
  • Roadside assistance can be included for added peace of mind.


  • Sometimes premiums may be higher compared to less well-known insurances.
  • Navigating policy options could get complex due to too many choices.
  • Discounts may vary based on location and other factors.

4. The Hartford

Another big name in this field is The Hartford—a company with both experience and trustworthiness on its side:

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: The Hartford
  • Specialized Truck Claims Team: The Hartford has people who know trucks inside out so they can handle claims faster and smarter.
  • Risk Engineering Services: Insightful tips and services are available that help prevent accidents before they happen—a proactive approach we all appreciate!
  • Broad Acceptance Criteria: Their policies cover a wide range of trucks, increasing the chances that yours will qualify too.

Let me lay out some pros and cons about them:

  • Pros:
  • A dedicated team for truck claims shows they know their stuff.
  • Preventive services mean you’re potentially saving money and headaches by avoiding trouble.
  • Their broad acceptance makes it easier to get coverage without too many hoops to jump through.


  • Premiums could be on the higher side due to comprehensive services.
  • Smaller truck companies might find the coverage options more than what’s needed.
  • Their policies might come with exclusions that require careful review before signing up.

5. Farmers Insurance

Farmer’s Insurance is one of those names that come up a lot when talking about Non-Trucking Liability Insurance.

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Farmers Insurance

They are seasoned pros in helping folks like me keep their wheels turning safely even when we aren’t working.

  • Coverage Details: The NTL from Farmers usually covers things like property damage or injuries that might happen when the truck isn’t hauling cargo.
  • Personal Use Protection: Whenever I take my rig out without a trailer attached, say to grab some grub or hit the store, I know Farmers has got my back.

Farmers aim to tailor-make their policies so they fit what you need like a glove. Plus, their customer service? Absolutely on point – helpful agents who get your life as a truckman.


  • Personalized policy options
  • Great customer service with real expertise in trucking needs
  • Strong reputation and financial stability


  • It may be pricier compared to others – you pay for quality!
  • Coverage specifics can vary widely – gotta read the fine print!
  • You’ll likely need to talk directly with an agent (no quick online quotes)

6. Travelers

Another heavyweight when we chat about top insurance providers is Travelers—big name, big reputation.

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Travelers
  • Range of Services: They don’t just offer Non-Trucking Liability Insurance; they’ve got an entire suite tailored for commercial vehicles.
  • Risk Control: One nifty thing is their risk control services which aim at keeping mishaps from happening in the first place.

Travelers understand everyday risks and how they apply especially to the trucking industry making sure that while off duty if any snag comes up with my rig—it’s no sweat off my brow because they take care of it swiftly and smoothly.


  • Comprehensive services beyond just NTL
  • Preemptive approach with risk control strategies
  • Strong financial backing means claims are handled efficiently
  • Cons:
  • Higher premiums might not fit every budget
  • May have stricter underwriting leading to possible denials
  • The claim process can be complex if not familiar with insurance jargon

7. Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance is a big name in the insurance world. They understand trucks and the kind of coverage drivers need when they’re off duty. Here’s what makes Zurich stand out:

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: Zurich Insurance
  • Customizable Plans: They offer plans that fit how you use your truck.
  • Global Support: As a big company, help is around no matter where you are.
  • Risk Insights: They provide tips on how to stay safe and reduce claims.


  • You get access to an international network for help anytime.
  • Their plans can be shaped just how you like.
  • They share knowledge on safety to help you avoid troubles.


  • It might cost more because they’re a big company.
  • Sometimes dealing with large companies can feel less personal.
  • You may get more services than you need.

8. OOIDA Insurance

OOIDA stands for Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, and they know exactly what solo drivers are after when it comes to insurance:

8 Best Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Companies: OOIDA Insurance
  • Made for Truckers: Their policies are built with independent truckers in mind.
  • Extra Resources: OOIDA offers lots of tools and guidance besides just insurance.
  • Strong Community: Being part of OOIDA means being in a family of drivers who stick together.


  • The community vibe means you’re not just another number; they care about each member.
  • With tools beyond just insurance, OOIDA helps with many sides of your driving business.
  • Because they’re focused on owner-operators, their experience matches your needs well.


  • If you’re not independent or prefer bigger brands, this might not be your best match.
  • There could be fewer options if something doesn’t fit quite right in their standard packages.
  • The resources are great but might seem overwhelming if all you want is simple insurance coverage.

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How is NTL Insurance different from Bobtail Insurance?

When it comes to insurance for trucks when they’re off duty, you might hear about Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (NTL) and Bobtail Insurance.

It’s easy to mix them up, but they are different. The main thing that sets them apart is the reason the truck is on the road without a trailer.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance covers your truck when you use it for personal stuff — like driving to the grocery store or going out when you’re not working. Imagine your truck as your big metal buddy that sometimes gets to take off its work boots and relax.

For instance, if I have this kind of insurance and I hit another car while driving around town on my day off, NTL helps cover the costs of any damage I caused to my truck.

Now, let’s say I’m not hauling anything but still moving my truck for business reasons — maybe returning it after delivery or moving it to a new location for the next job — NTL won’t cover me if something happens then because that’s still related to work. That’s where Bobtail comes in.

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail Insurance steps in at those times when you’re driving your big rig without pulling any cargo but still doing something tied to your business — like getting back after dropping off goods or heading out empty to pick up new cargo.

You won’t be carrying anything at the moment of travel, but since these trips are connected with your work schedule and obligations, they are not considered personal time.

It’s also worth knowing how rates can vary between these two types of insurance because of their differing uses.

However, it shakes out cost-wise though, choosing both means being secure in most situations where you’re behind the wheel of your powerful machine without its usual heavy load.

What does non-trucking liability insurance (NTL) protect against?

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance, or NTL, is special insurance for when truck drivers are not working or doing anything for business.

Think of it like a safety net that catches you when your work insurance doesn’t help. Like, if you drive your truck just for yourself and not for your job and something unexpected happens, NTL can be there to help.

Third-party Bodily Injury Coverage

  • NTL gives money to help: If someone gets hurt because of your truck when you’re not working.
  • Helps protect your savings: You won’t need to use up all your own money if there’s an accident.
  • Covers legal costs: If there’s a court case because of the injury, NTL helps pay for that.
  • Keeps peace of mind: You know you’re covered even during your time.
  • It’s good even if it’s not required by law: Some places might not force you to have this kind of insurance but having it is still smart.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

  • Fixes other people’s stuff: When something that belongs to someone else breaks or gets damaged because of your truck during personal use, NTL can pay for repairs.
  • Legal defense: This also helps cover lawyer fees if someone sues you over the broken stuff.
  • Avoids financial strain: Helps so that one bad event doesn’t ruin your financial situation.
  • Keeps business separate: Your company’s property damage coverage won’t be touched because this is just for when you’re off the clock.
  • Flexible coverage levels: You can choose how much protection you want based on how much risk there is when driving off-duty.

Medical Payments Coverage/Personal Injury Protection

This part talks about how Non-Trucking Liability Insurance helps with medical bills:

  • If anyone inside the truck gets hurt while it’s being driven for personal reasons
  • Helps with doctor visits, hospital stays
  • Can also cover things like X-rays
  • Works no matter who was at fault in an accident
  • Gives extra protection on top of any health insurance

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Here’s what Non-Trucking Liability Insurance does if the other driver involved in an accident doesn’t have enough insurance:

  • Covers costs when another person causes a crash but can’t pay
  • Helps with vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Offers support for medical expenses due to injuries from such incidents
  • Protects against hit-and-run situations as well
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that gaps in others’ coverage do not affect you financially.

How Much Does NTL Insurance Cost?

When you want to protect yourself while driving your truck without a trailer for personal reasons, it’s good to know about the cost of non-trucking liability insurance. On average, non-trucking liability insurance can cost somewhere between $300 to $800 each year.

This price may change based on several things like where you live, how good your driving history is, and the kind of truck you drive.

Cost Factors for NTL Insurance

Cost is always a concern when it comes to insurance, and Non-Trucking Liability Insurance is no exception. Here are some key factors that can influence the price of this type of insurance:

  • Location: Where your truck is located can significantly affect the cost of your non-trucking liability insurance. Different states have different laws and regulations related to trucking, which can impact prices.
  • Driving History: If you have a clean driving history with no accidents or tickets, you are likely to get a lower rate for your non-trucking liability insurance. Insurance companies usually consider those with good driving records as less risky to insure.
  • Type of Truck: The kind of truck you own also plays a crucial role in determining the cost of your non-trucking liability insurance. Larger and heavier trucks often lead to higher premiums as they can cause more damage in case of an accident.
  • Age and Condition of the Truck: Older trucks or those in poor health condition could cost more to insure compared to newer ones or those that are well-maintained. This is because older trucks may need more frequent repairs, thus representing a higher risk for the insurer.
  • Amount of coverage While getting a policy with high coverage limits can provide peace of mind about financial protection after an accident, it also tends to increase premium rates.

However, don’t let these factors scare you away from getting insured! It’s important not only for legal reasons but ultimately for your peace of mind while on the road.

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What does NTL mean in insurance?

NTL stands for Non-Trucking Liability. It’s a type of insurance that protects truck owners when their vehicle is not being used for business hauling.

Is non-trucking liability insurance the same as bobtail insurance?

No, they’re different. Non-trucking liability covers you when you’re not hauling a load, regardless of whether you are under dispatch. Bobtail insurance is more specific, covering you only when driving without a trailer after dropping off a load and while still under dispatch.

Why do I need non-trucking liability?

You need non-trucking liability to make sure you have protection during times when your primary commercial policy doesn’t apply, like when you’re using your truck for personal reasons.

What is a non-trucking liability to others?

Non-trucking liability to others refers to the coverage provided to third parties for property damage or injuries that happen during personal use of your truck, not while hauling cargo.

What is an example of a non-trucking liability?

An example would be if you cause an accident while driving your semi-truck to the grocery store on the weekend. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance would help cover the costs for damages or injuries from that accident.


Choosing the right non-trucking liability insurance provider is crucial for my peace of mind on the road. After comparing options, I’ve noticed that each company comes with its strengths and benefits, so I always advise fellow truckers to consider their specific needs when making their choice.

Whether it’s Progressive’s comprehensive coverage, the trusted reputation of Liberty Mutual, Nationwide’s customer service, or the specialized trucking solutions from OOIDA Insurance – there is a company out there to suit every owner-operator’s requirements.

Remembering that non-trucking liability insurance is different from bobtail insurance is important as it protects against different risks.

Moreover, because costs can vary widely based on a range of factors, getting personalized quotes will help ensure that I’m getting both adequate protection and value for my money.