Top 26 Load Boards In 2024

Top 26 Load Boards In [cy]

Have you ever felt stuck trying to find the right load board for your shipping needs? I get it; time is money, especially in the trucking industry.

Load Boards are essential tools that connect truckers with loads that need hauling. Think of them as matchmakers—they hook up drivers with cargo to create profitable trips.

But not all load boards are made equal! Oh no! Some are packed with features while others keep it simple. The trick is finding which one is the best match for you.

If you’re a trucker, broker, or shipper looking for a reliable partner on the road or at sea in 2024, your search ends here.

This list reveals twenty-eight of the best platforms where carriers and shippers meet and deals are made. From mega-sites like DAT Load Board and Internet Truckstop (ITS) to innovative options like Transfix and Flock Freight, this comprehensive list has something for everyone wanting to make smart moves without wasting precious time.

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26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024

Finding the perfect load board can be a challenging task. Do you want to connect with brokers who offer competitive rates?

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024

Are you a trucker needing loads on the go or a shipper seeking the best logistics partner? In this article, I’ll cover the top 26 load boards that should be on your radar in 2024.

1. DAT Load Board

It is Considered one of the leading load boards, DAT Load Board has earned its reputation from years of experience and quality service. Offering unmatched freight loads, their platform is second to none.

  • Customers: This is catered towards truckers looking for providers and shippers requiring logistical solutions.
  • Specialty: Their specialty lies in their extensive reach and an abundance of daily postings.
  • Rates: DAT presents market trend reports and spot market rate averages — positioning valued customers ahead competitively.
  • Mobile App: They have an easy-to-use mobile application that allows tracking & tracing loads.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Quick pay options and factoring services are part of the board’s services.
  • Integrations: Top-of-the-line integrations enhance productivity like API tools for seamless workflow integration.
  • Advertised Volume: High freight volumes are regularly updated on this platform – A plus point for any transport or logistics business.
  • Pricing: Prices vary depending on individual business requirements with tier-based packages available at reasonable rates.
  • Brokers / Carriers: The system successfully connects brokers to carriers while providing effective tools for negotiation.

2. 123Loadboard

As a leading choice among freight matching services, 123Loadboard provides a cost-effective solution to streamline freight management processes. Its user-friendly platform brings together truckers, brokers, and shippers so they can network easily.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: 123Loadboard
  • Customers: A broad range of customers uses this platform; from individual owner-operators to large shipping companies. Everyone benefits from the effective load-matching capabilities it offers.
  • Specialty: The standout feature of 123Loadboard is its highly dynamic interface that accommodates a variety of specific loads or routes required by users.
  • Rates: What sets it apart from other load boards is its competitive rate check feature that assists users in making informed bidding decisions on hauling jobs.
  • Mobile App: It’s equipped with a comprehensive mobile application which makes it incredibly convenient to access on the go for customers who spend much time on the road.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: This function allows quick payment processing for carriers looking to get paid fast after completing a job.
  • Integrations: By integrating with various third-party software like accounting or route planning applications, it ensures seamless workflows for its user base.
  • Advertised Volume: There’s also an impressive volume of loads advertised daily which makes more opportunities available to both shippers and carriers.
  • Pricing: In terms of pricing options they offer excellent value with plans ranging suitable for budget-conscious small businesses as well as larger corporations looking for extensive service capabilities.
  • Brokers / Carriers: They serve a myriad of brokers and carriers by providing a load board that is both adaptable and comprehensive.

3. Loadlink

On the other hand, Loadlink is Canada’s most trusted freight-matching service where shippers, carriers, and brokers connect cost-effectively.

  • Customers: Its customers range from solo owner-operators to full-scale fleet enterprises looking for reliable load-matching solutions.
  • Specialty: A key specialty of Loadlink lies in its superior search functionality that reflects real-time changes in the freight market, ensuring customers have the latest data.
  • Rates: Loadlink offers comprehensive industry-standard rates which assures users are always charged fairly for services rendered.
  • Mobile App: Just like 123Loadboard, it also has a mobile app enhancing user convenience as it makes searching for loads extremely manageable on the go.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: It offers prompt payment processing designed to meet the needs of fast-paced businesses.
  • Integrations: Similar integration features are provided making interoperability with other business software hassle-free and productive
  • Advertised Volume: Loads appearing on this board are abundant giving wide options to all engaged parties.
  • Pricing: They also provide flexible pricing packages commensurate with their feature-rich platform but tailored towards small business affordability.
  • Brokers / Carriers: The Canadian-based company serves the local as well as international shipment requirements of several brokers and carriers.

4. Internet Truckstop (ITS)

ITS is one of the leading commercial freight matching services for loads and trucks.

  • Customers: This coveted platform serves numerous businesses including truckers, brokers, and shippers around the globe.
  • Specialty: ITS’ specialty lies in providing quick access to quality freight volume coupled with special tools like RateMate™.
  • Rates: As per user reviews, ITS has competitive rates when compared to other similar platforms available.
  • Mobile App: Yes indeed! Its easy-to-use mobile app amplifies its convenience factor immensely..
  • Quickpay / Factoring: QuickPay service is available with ITS aiding several businesses financially during needful times.
  • Integrations: It integrates well with various platforms which adds to its user-friendly approach.
  • Advertised Volume: Holds a reputation for possessing a high advertised volume establishing trust among users.
  • Pricing: I would term its pricing structure as reasonable since it offers high-quality services.
  • Brokers: It proves beneficial for brokers as they find suitable loads or trucks easily through this platform.
  • Carriers: Carriers too find it useful due to its QuickPay service along with access to matching loads list prevalent across different states.

5. PostEverywhere

Now let’s navigate towards an analysis of PostEverywhere:

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: PostEverywhere
  • Overview: PostEverywhere is considered a renowned load board that effectively automates and distributes load postings.
  • Customers: Primarily, truckers, brokers, and shippers are the main beneficiaries of this service.
  • Specialty: Being able to post on multiple trucking websites simultaneously makes it distinct from others.
  • Rates: Its rates are slightly higher but worth considering the level of convenience it provides.
  • Mobile App: Yes, they do have a mobile app that ensures seamless accessibility and smooth operations.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Currently, I have not come across any such feature available in their services.
  • Integrations: The platform can be integrated with several other apps making it diversified in its offerings.
  • Advertised Volume: This site boasts of high advertised volumes ensuring optimum options for all users.
  • Pricing: I found their pricing structure to be competitive as well as transparent
  • Brokers: Brokers find this platform advantageous due to its wide network which helps them get suitable matches quickly.
  • Carriers: It serves favorably for Carriers too by offering a diverse range of loads matching their requirements.

6. Getloaded

Getloaded, is an intuitive load board option known for its simplified search feature. This platform caters to both large-scale shipments and smaller hauls.

  • Customers: Primarily small carriers & owner-operators.
  • Specialty: Full truckload (FTL) & less-than-truckload(LTL).
  • Rates: Offers competitive rates.
  • Mobile App: Available that streamlines the load searching process.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: QuickPay service is available through Triumph Business Capital.
  • Integrations: It integrates with major transportation management systems.
  • Advertised Volume: The high number of daily postings makes it an attractive platform
  • Pricing: Starts from $24.95 per month
  • Brokers & Carriers: Numerous registered brokers & carriers make this platform diverse.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned operator, Getloaded’s user-friendly interface coupled with its diverse offerings make it an excellent choice for any players in the transport sector.

7. Landstar Load Board

Landstar is another renowned name among load boards. Landstar Load Board service provides reliable freight matching services between shippers and carriers.

  • Overview: Empowers both individual truck owners as well as large fleets.
  • Customers: Mostly independent owner-operators contracted by Landstar
  • Specialty: Offers oversize/overweight loads with special handling needs
    Rates: No charge for rates finding tool
    Mobile App: Available, enables carriers to find the best load easily
  • Quickpay / Factoring: 24-hour quick pay service available
  • Integrations: Integrates seamlessly with various platforms
  • Advertised Volume: A high volume of daily postings.
  • Pricing: Free to use for Landstar-approved carries.
  • Brokers & Carriers: Landstar-only brokered freight available

Landstar Load Board stands out as a cost-effective and efficient solution for finding the most suitable loads. With robust technology support, it offers many advantages to both independent owner-operators and larger fleets.

8. ComFreight

ComFreight is a fantastic load board that simplifies the process of finding and transporting freight. It’s popular among both carriers and brokers because it provides a straightforward way to locate loads and isn’t overly complex.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: ComFreight
  • Overview: ComFreight is a user-friendly web-based platform offering services to shippers, carriers, and brokers.
  • Customers: The load board caters to various customers, including truckers, private carriers, freight brokers, and shippers.
  • Specialty: ComFreight’s specialty lies in its simplicity. It doesn’t require heavy technical skills to navigate the platform.
  • Rates: Rates are reasonable for both shippers and carriers.
  • Mobile App: Yes, it has a mobile app that is compatible with Android as well as Apple devices.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Offers quick pay services so you can get your money faster after completing a load haulage assignment
  • Integrations: Allows integrations with other logistics apps easing the workflow
  • Advertised Volume: High volume of freight available
  • Pricing: Affordable pricing starts at $45 per month for one-state access
  • Brokers: Over 10K verified broker database
  • Carriers: Wide range of carrier options

9. LoadExpress

If you’re interested in advanced features like automated bidding or real-time GPS tracking of loads, LoadExpress might be more your speed.

  • Overview: LoadExpress prides itself on being an advanced yet user-friendly online platform that uses automation to make processes smoother for both parties involved.
  • Customers: This laudable tool serves national providers like truck drivers or small businesses who are shooting for local deliveries only.
  • Specialty: Their standout feature is their automated matching system that matches loads with suitable trucks without any manual input needed.
  • Rates: Rates offered are competitive and reflect market costs.
  • Mobile App: Yes, their mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: They have quick pay services that offer immediate payments upon delivery confirmation. This is a good resolution to the usual delay in payments.
  • Integrations: LoadExpress allows integrations with common logistics applications such as ELD, and TMS among others.
  • Advertised Volume: Large volume of freight consistently available.
  • Pricing: The cost starts at $21 per month for basic features.
  • Brokers: Offers numerous verified brokers
  • Carriers: Provides a good number of carrier options.

10. Trucker Path

Trucker Path prides itself on being an all-encompassing app for truck drivers. This isn’t just an ordinary load board; it’s a complete resource offering truck stops, parking locations, fuel prices, and more.

  • Overview: It offers real-time information at your fingertips.
  • Customers: Perfect for independent truckers who like managing their businesses on the go.
  • Specialty: Wherever you’re going or whomever you’re working with; Trucker Path has got you covered.
  • Rates: Provides up-to-date freight rates across North America.
  • Mobile App: Available on both iOS & Android platforms offering unparalleled user experience.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: It also includes options for invoice factoring and quick payments.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with other logistics management apps easing cross-platform activities.
  • Advertised Volume: High volumes with over 100,000 loads posted daily
  • Pricing: Free access with premium plans available providing added benefits.
  • Brokers: A large number of major US brokers use this platform to ensure frequent load availability
  • Carriers: Ideal for owner-operators & carriers due to its user-friendly interface & extensive resources.

11. J.B. Hunt 360 Load Board

We live in a fast-paced, digital world. So does the J.B. Hunt 360 Load Board. It’s their focus on technology that makes them one of the best load boards out there.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: J.B. Hunt 360 Load Board
  • Overview: An innovation-driven platform, committed to revolutionising logistics operations.
  • Customers: Ideal for shippers and carriers who are tech-savvy and love efficiency.
  • Specialty: Their proprietary system offers predictive freight matching.
  • Rates: Reliable rate assessments with transparent pricing assured adding to better financial planning.
  • Mobile App: Equipped with a user-friendly mobile app available on both iOS & Android stores.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Enjoy quick pay facility enhancing performances of small-medium sized businesses
  • Integrations: Collaboration with other logistics management tools ensures smooth freight activities.
  • Advertised Volume: J.B Hunt has an active network, boasting over 3 million trucks nationwide!
  • Pricing: They offer simple pricing plans designed specifically to cater to each unique need ensuring cost-effectiveness
  • Brokers: A great platform for brokers as all loads are exclusive! They only have J.B. Hunt contracted carriers to choose from.
  • Carriers: A boon for carriers due to its premium features like predictive delivery ETA & real-time GPS tracking.

12. Freightfinder

Freightfinder stands out as an integral load-board platform that helps countless customers streamline their logistics operations.

  • Overview: It’s a free-to-use platform offering comprehensive freight-matching solutions tailored to meet both brokers’ and carriers’ needs effectively. This impressive platform is designed with simplicity at its core, suitable even for the less tech-savvy users.
  • Customers: Freightfinder serves a vast range of customers from various sectors including manufacturing companies moving heavy machinery goods to small traders shipping smaller parcels.
  • Specialty: The standout feature of Freightliner is its instant freight updates which keep all parties constantly informed about any changes occurring in real time.
  • Rates: Being completely free-to-use means there’s no barrier to entry when it comes to cost.
  • Mobile App: Unfortunately at present, they do not offer a mobile application.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: While they don’t provide direct quick pay or factoring services themselves, they do partner with some third-party companies who can help with this upon request.
  • Integrations: Their system integrates well with other logistic-oriented software enabling smooth workflow between different platforms.
  • Advertised Volume: Currently, there are no exact numbers on advertised volume but being one of the popular load boards ensures a substantial number of loads daily.
  • Pricing: Did we mention it’s free? No hidden costs whatsoever!
  • Brokers and Carriers: Both brokers and carriers benefit from the platform’s easy-to-use load search and posting functionality, contributing to a seamless shipping process.

13. MyVirtualFleet

Moving onward to MyVirtualFleet, an innovative platform redefining how shippers, brokers, and carriers connect.

  • Overview: It is a versatile load board system that provides comprehensive solutions for all parties involved in the transport chain.
  • Customers: Just like Freightfinder, MyVirtualFleet serves a spectrum of customers from different sectors, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.
  • Specialty: What sets this platform apart is its sophisticated GPS tracking allowing real-time information on vehicle location at all times which enables smoother operations.
  • Rates: Pricing depends on the required services but they offer competitive rates with top-notch service provision.
  • Mobile App: MyVirtualFleet’s mobile application enhances ease of use for users enabling them to track their goods’ movement remotely which saves time and effort when coordinating deliveries or pick-ups.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: They’ve nailed this aspect too! They offer quick-pay services with pre-approved funding options for carriers leading to more efficient transactions.
  • Integrations: Their software collaborates beautifully with other logistic software making it easy to manage multiple platforms at once.
  • Advertised Volume: Though no exact numbers are available here again being ranked amongst the top load boards means good volumes throughout the day.
  • Pricing: Costing varies depending upon required services however overall they still manage to provide good value for money!
  • Brokers and Carriers: This feature-rich platform ensures that both brokers and carriers are catered for perfectly. Regardless of their requirement scale or complexity levels. From instant freight matching capabilities right up to advanced GPS tracking everything is covered!

14. TruckSmarter

Founded on the principles of simplicity and convenience, TruckSmarter is one of the most user-friendly load boards available today.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: TruckSmarter

Its customers range from freight brokers to independent truckers looking for positive outcomes and smart solutions.

  • Specialty: One notable feature that sets TruckSmarter apart from other load boards is its commitment to transparency. It presents all details about loads in easy-to-understand terms which empowers its users to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Rates: The rates offered vary depending on factors such as distance, type of freight, and others. All rates are clear and upfront.
  • Mobile App: The TruckSmarter mobile app provides users with real-time information about available loads right at their fingertips.
  • Quickpay / Factoring:. It offers expedited payment solutions ensuring quick remuneration for your services.
  • Integrations: With integrations like QuickBooks Online accounting software integration, managing finances has never been easier.
  • Advertised Volume: Vast volumes of freights are advertised daily offering a wide range of opportunities.
  • Pricing: While specific pricing details can change based on market fluctuations and individual carrier ratings they always ensure competitive prices.

It also maintains great interactions with both brokers who post loads seeking truck capacity; as well as carriers who provide the transportation services needed.

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15. Transfix

In contrast, stands Transfix, a digital freight marketplace aiming to reduce wastage in transport by matching shippers with carriers.

  • Overview: Transfix is an innovative industry leader, providing a platform that makes the process of load transportation seamless.
  • Customers: Transfix primarily serves the needs of shippers – ranging from small independent businesses to large corporations.
  • Specialty: Transfix deploys modern technology to eliminate inefficiencies. It matches those who require transportation services with those who offer them.
  • Rates: Transfix’s rates are always fair and transparent which ensures a zero-hassle payment process.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app allows easy access to all features anywhere, anytime making job tracking much simpler for users.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: To ease the load on carriers’ cash flow, Transfix offers a quick pay facility ensuring speedy settlements.

It supports broad integrations with leading transport management systems and excels in high freight volume being advertised daily. Just like TruckSmarter, it upholds great relations between brokers looking for truck availability and carriers providing said availability at highly competitive rates.

16. RXO

RXO has a unique approach to serving shippers and carriers when it comes to quick and seamless freight transactions. Here’s what makes this service stand out:

  • Overview: RXO is an intuitive load board that connects shippers with carriers directly. It’s modern and easy to use.
  • Customers: Shippers who want direct contact with carriers prefer it.
  • Specialty: Seamless direct transactions are its specialty.
  • Rates: They offer competitive rates that suit all parties.
  • Mobile App: Yes, they have an app that is user-friendly and functional.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: They do provide quick pay options but no factoring services I am aware of.
  • Integrations: It’s not clear whether they integrate with third-party software or not.
  • Advertised Volume: The volume varies but usually favors more popular routes than obscure ones!
  • Pricing: They have transparent pricing based on negotiation between shippers and carriers.
  • Brokers: No brokers are involved since their model is about direct communication between parties.
  • Carriers: All types of carriers can find suitable loads anywhere!

17. Nextload

Nextload is yet another load board that circumvents the traditional broker-carrier model. I like how they focus on transparency and fairness. Here are the highlights:

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: Nextload
  • Overview: Nextload is a free freight match tool that lets carriers post their available equipment so shippers or brokers can contact them directly.
  • Customers: As a free service, it attracts both carriers who want to reduce downtime and shippers or brokers looking for cheap but reliable options.
  • Specialty: They use AI technologies to match loads and trucks effectively.
  • Rates: Being free for all, they don’t charge any transaction fees from either party!
  • Mobile App: Absolutely! With an easy-to-use mobile app, truckers like myself can update our status on the go.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: While they might not offer these services directly, users might find such facilities through their partners.
  • Integrations: They do integrate with major TMS software since it’s an indispensable part of their operations!
  • Advertised Volume: The volume of loads fluctuates but has plenty in most cases.
  • Pricing: Completely free pricing structure for all parties involved.
  • Brokers: Yes, brokers can connect with carriers without paying any fees using this service.
    Carriers: Right from owner-operators to fleet owners everyone benefits.

18. Loadsmart

Stepping up as a standout amongst other Load Boards is none other than Loadsmart. Their services are incredible and wide-ranging.

  • Overview: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for real-time booking experience.
  • Customers: Independent owner-operators and large shipping companies both rely on them.
  • Specialty: Automated & customized truckload rates.
  • Rates: Affordable yet varying according to demand-supply dynamics.
  • Mobile App: Updated features in the mobile interface offer smooth functionality on the go.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Helps businesses maintain fluid cash flow with fast payment options.
  • Integrations: Effortlessly integrate it with popular TMS systems
  • Advertised Volume: Showcases plenty of loads daily from numerous shippers nationwide
  • Pricing: Free load board platform with transactional pricing when loads are booked
  • Brokers: No specific programs for brokers
  • Carriers: Plans unique strategies to maximize profit-making for carriers

Moreover, customer support at Loadsmart takes pride in aiding their clients around the clock.

19. GoShare

Another name leading the front is GoShare – an accessible bridge between shippers and truckers.

  • Overview: Offers on-demand delivery service functioning more akin to Uber but for trucks.
  • Customers: Ideal solution mainly geared towards smaller shippers and owner-operators.
  • Specialty: Known for its smoother operations with local pick-up and deliveries.
  • Rates: Charge per minute model applied, adept for local moves.
  • Mobile App: Has an intuitive app that works consistently.
  • QuickPay / Factoring: Provides convenient quick payment methods.
  • Integrations: Unique integration facilities with e-commerce platforms
  • Advertised volume: Doesn’t advertise large volume of loads
  • Pricing: Transparent pricing structure – no hidden cost. You pay as you go!
  • Brokers: No particular scheme tailored for brokers
  • Carriers: Gives carriers total command over bids

GoShare is highly appreciated by several clients because of its excellent customer service, which understands the needs of every potential client.

20. DrayNow

DrayNow is a technology-driven platform focusing on connecting shipping representatives with carriers interested in intermodal jobs.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: DrayNow
  • Overview: An innovative load board specializing in real-time visibility of shipments.
  • Customers: Primarily aimed at shippers and carriers looking to fill any capacity gaps effectively.
  • Specialty: Specializes in intermodal freight loading.
  • Rates: Competitive rates are shown upfront.
  • Mobile App: Available on Android and iOS devices allowing booking while ON-THE-GO.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Fast payment processing is available for facilitation.
  • Integrations: Tightly integrated with several major transportation management systems (TMS).
  • Advertised Volume: Transparent view into carrier capacities.
  • Pricing: Pricing differs based on specific arrangements between parties. –Brokers: Facilitates brokers with instant access to reliable carriers spread across North America. –Carriers: Offers instant access to loads from well-established brokers as well as shippers.

21. Cargomatic

Cargomatic operates as a digital marketplace offering dynamic connections between shippers needing full or less-than-truckload (LTL) services and nearby truck drivers who have extra hauling space.

  • Overview: An ideal platform balancing supply and demand through advanced technology bringing efficiency and transparency within LTL freight shipping.
  • Customers: Primarily aimed at shippers with either partial or full loads and carriers with additional hauling space.
  • Specialty: Perfect fit for the conveyance of LTL shipments.
  • Rates: Competitive prices are disclosed upfront.
  • Mobile App: Available on both Android and iOS, enhancing business operation flexibility.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: A quick payment option is available facilitating smooth transactions.
  • Integrations: An easy-to-integrate API available for business platform synchronization.
  • Advertised Volume: A detailed loading capacity of trucks viewable in real-time.
  • Pricing: Dynamic pricing model based on the current market rates.
  • Brokers: Cargomatic makes life easier for brokers by connecting them directly to carriers with spare cargo space.
  • Carriers: Ideal for those who often run partially empty trucks, enabling them to take more assignments and increase their profits.

22. uShip

From my own user experience what makes uShip stand out from the rest is, that it’s an open marketplace where shippers and carriers can locate each other.

  • Customers: I noticed that anyone seeking to move goods long distances – businesses, individuals, brokers, or carriers are all a part of its wide customer base.
  • Specialty: Something special about it was its competitive bidding structure which lets shippers choose from various carrier offers.
  • Rates: Though charges vary according to different shipments, generally lower prices appear to be their selling point.
  • Mobile App: Contrarily they do provide Mobile App service for both Android and iPhone users providing easy access.
  • Quickpay / Factoring: uShip payments operate through ‘uShip Payments’, a platform facilitating transactions between shippers and carriers.
  • Integrations: Integration opportunities seem plentiful as seen by their partnerships with eBay, and Etsy among others.
  • Advertised Volume: Impressively they boast having facilitated over 3 million shipping transactions up till now.
  • Pricing: They present a transparent pricing mechanism with the ability to select bids based on budget requirements.
  • Brokers: Brokers have the liberty of listing freight shipments and inviting carrier proposals.
    -Carriers: A great plus is that Carriers have direct access to find loads suitable for them.

23. Shiply

Shiply ranks among the top spots when it comes to reliable freight-matching services. This platform caters mostly towards independent drivers and smaller fleets but don’t be fooled – they handle quite large operations as well.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: Shiply
  • Overview: Shiply is known as one of the most user-friendly platforms out there making it easier for users to navigate through.
  • Customers: Independent drivers and smaller fleets are their main users contributing a major chunk of their business.
  • Specialty: One thing Shiply stands out for is its advanced algorithms that ensure accurate match-ups between shippers and carriers.
  • Rates: Competitive rates are offered based on routes and loads keeping affordability in mind.
  • Mobile App: With an easy-to-operate mobile app available at your fingertips, staying updated becomes much easier!
  • Quickpay/Factoring: For early payments, they offer quick-pay systems at competitive fees resembling impeccable financial management.
  • Integrations: They incorporate practical integration features with major logistics software ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Advertised Volume: Volume changes dynamically based on seasonality but generally offers excellent opportunities.
  • Pricing: Diverse pricing models cater to both long-term contracts as well as urgent one-time needs
  • Brokers: Collaborating with brokers extends greater job prospects driving success rate upwards
  • Carriers: Attracting a good mix of carriers ensures smooth operation and efficient load handling.

24. Warp

Next up, we have Warp—an excellent choice for those looking for dependable freight matching. Small or large orders, irregular loads, recurring shipments—you name it, they got you covered!

  • Overview: Warp houses an extensive database helping to match the right shipper with the suitable carrier.
  • Customers: Warp is notably diverse in their customer base ranging from small business owners to large companies.
  • Specialty: Their specialty lies in handling sudden-load situations remarkably well ensuring promptness & accuracy.
  • Rates: Rates are calculated based on load weight and distance but always guarantee value for money!
  • Mobile App: Their mobile app maintains its user-friendly interface updating every real-time change.
  • Quickpay/Factoring: Utilizing quick pay facilities ensures fast transactions while factoring services offer purchase order financing
  • Integrations: The integration facility eases the effort of data entry with various transportation management systems (TMS).
  • Advertised Volume: As one of the larger boards out there, they house a staggering volume of available loads
  • Pricing: Pricing plans are competitive yet adjustable suiting individual business needs
  • Brokers: They believe in building beneficial relations with brokers and enhancing shipping opportunities
  • Carriers: They also provide diversified carrier options catering to different load requirements effectively.

25. Central Dispatch

Central Dispatch stands as one of the oldest load-matching service providers for auto transport brokers and carriers. Established to make dispatching faster, more efficient, and more secure.

26 Best Load Boards for Truckers, Brokers, and Shippers in 2024: Central Dispatch
  • Overview: With its vast network of reliable auto shippers who provide open or enclosed car shipping across states.
  • Customers: Primarily caters to professional transporters seeking loads.
  • Specialty: Specializes in moving vehicles from point A to B securely.
  • Rates: Offers competitive rates with flexibility based on membership type.
  • Mobile App: Yes, available on Android and iOS platforms
  • Quickpay/Factoring: Not universally available but depends on the broker’s policies.
  • Integrations: Integrates with major third-party applications for ease of operations management.
  • Advertised Volume: Varies widely depending on demand by shippers
  • Pricing: Membership pricing begins at $59.95 per month
  • Brokers: The majority serve auto-shipping clients specifically.
  • Carriers: Mostly independents specializing in car hauling.

26. Fr8star

Fr8Star offers direct access to specialized heavy-haul shipping without needing a middleman. In a short period, they have become an industry leader due to their unique strength in heavy-haul technology solutions.

  • Overview: Known globally for its smart solutions around heavy-load shipping complexities like permit procurement & escort vehicle acquisition etc.
  • Customers: Works best for clients who need to transport oversized loads like equipment machinery across states,
  • Specialty: They specialize in heavy haul shipping.
  • Rates: Fr8Star bases its rates on its proprietary multi-factor pricing algorithm that accounts for current changes in prices of fuel, surcharges, equipment types & lane densities among other factors.
  • Mobile App: Yes, they do have a mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms
  • Quickpay / Factoring: Available depending on your agreement with the carrier.
  • Integrations: They seamlessly integrate with major transportation management systems.
  • Advertised Volume: Volumes fluctuate drastically based on seasons and demand from shippers
  • Pricing: Rates are competitive and purely based on project specifications.
  • Brokers: Fr8star operates as both a broker and a load-board platform.
  • Carriers: Anyone who specializes in heavy haul can register with them.

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What is a load board used for?

A load board is primarily used in the trucking industry as a matchmaking tool. It allows shippers and freight brokers to post their shipping loads and helps truckers find loads relevant to their location and equipment.

Which load board is best?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, as the “best” load board can vary based on individual needs. However, some of the top-rated ones include DAT Load Board,, 123Loadboard, and Loadlink.

Is there a free load board?

Yes, there are free load boards available. However, these may not offer as many features or benefits as paid versions. Sometimes you get what you pay for in terms of access to loads, tools for managing business operations more effectively, or customer service support.

How do brokers use load boards?

Brokers typically use load boards to post available loads that need transport. They also use them to verify carrier credentials like insurance coverage and operating authority before doing business with them.

Can brokers use load boards?

Absolutely! Brokers are some of the most frequent users of load boards as they constantly have shipping tasks that need to be carried out by reputable truckers.


Being a trucker, broker, or shipper can be a challenging task. Thankfully, there’s a whole world of load boards out there to make things easier.

From DAT Load Board,, and 123Loadboard to the likes of Fr8star and Warp – I’ve shared only the best of the best load boards for you in this article.

These platforms truly stand out in 2024 with their advanced features and easy accessibility. So give these load boards a shot and tell me how they help streamline your logistics operations.