10 Top-Rated Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies For 2024

10-Top-Rated Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies For [cy]

In the wake of accelerating trade and commerce, it has become vital to safeguard your investment. One such brilliant way is by opting for Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

I can’t highlight enough, its importance in keeping your goods protected while in transit. Whether you’re a freight broker, motor carrier, or trucking firm owner, this insurance is an essential part of your risk management plan.

Unpredictability is always part of the game when it comes to trucking businesses. The risks associated with transporting goods are countless – from road accidents, and thefts to unexpected natural disasters causing damage or loss to the cargo.

Imagine this: you’re hauling a trailer full of high-value electronics when something unforeseen happens! Luckily for you, 2024 has got some fantastic insurance companies – Progressive, The Hartford, CoverWallet etcetera that provide comprehensive cargo coverage shielding you from potential financial fallout.

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10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024

In the upcoming year of 2024, there’s a strong lineup of insurance providers ready to ensure cargo safety for all motor truck operations.

These firms not only offer comprehensive coverage but also boast reliable customer service, claims handling, and financial strength.

They provide the promise and peace of mind that your goods will be protected against loss or damage. Let’s dive into two key players in the Motor Truck Cargo Insurance industry: Progressive and The Hartford.

1. Progressive

Progressive has risen rapidly in the ranks to emerge as one of the preferred insurers for motor truck cargo in recent years.

10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024: Progressive

Renowned for its competitive premiums and tailored services, Progressive protects a range of risks including theft, fire damage, and collision-related losses.

Here’s why I find them remarkable:

  • You can customize your policy with targeted covers such as loading and unloading liability.
  • They deliver on their commitment to hassle-free claim management.
  • Policyholders receive dedicated support from knowledgeable representatives who understand the nuances of motor trucking operations.

Despite these glowing qualities, bear in mind that certain exclusions might apply under their policies – such as damage resulting from spoilage or normal wear and tear.

The cost can also move northwards depending on multiple factors such as cargo type, transit distance, deductibles chosen, etc.


  • Comprehensive solutions tailored to different transportation needs
  • Proactive claim management support


  • Certain transportation exclusions can apply
  • Premiums could be higher based on risk exposure

2. The Hartford

With an experience legacy that stretches over two centuries – yes, you heard it right – The Hartford is another trusted name in the Motor Truck Cargo Insurance sector.

Their solutions are aimed at both small businesses owning a single-vehicle fleet to larger corporations overseeing hundreds.

Here´s why I hold them in high regard:

  • Possessing an impressive AM Best rating – A+ (Superior), they’re a testament to financial stability.
  • The Hartford provides comprehensive coverage including debris removal, pollutant clean-up, and earned freight charges in case of losses.
  • They have an easy-to-navigate online portal for policy management tasks.

However, it’s always prudent to keep both eyes open. With The Hartford, not all types of vehicles are covered under their cargo insurance program.

Also, geographical restrictions might apply where certain areas might not be serviced.


  • Holds a strong AM Best rating indicative of financial strength
  • Offers additional covers like pollutant clean-up


  • Certain vehicle-type limitations could apply
  • Possible geographic restrictions on coverage

3. CoverWallet

CoverWallet is quickly becoming a household name for quality and affordability in the world of Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024: CoverWallet

By digitalizing many standard insurance procedures, they provide a straightforward and flawless experience for their customers that extends beyond appealing rates.

With customizable policies reflecting your specific needs, they put you behind the wheel – whether you’re insuring just one truck or an entire fleet!

Their dedicated team of experts provides round-the-clock support to address any questions or concerns that may arise.


  • Easy-to-use digital platform.
  • Tailored insurance policies.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Their online interface might be challenging for less tech-savvy customers.
  • They don’t offer face-to-face consultations.
  • Limited physical branches across the U.S.

4. Nationwide

A titan in all forms of insurance coverage, Nationwide stays true to its name by providing exceptional motor truck cargo insurance services across all fifty states!

Recognized for its reliability and robust coverage options, it makes securing your precious cargo effortless with streamlined procedures!

Once on board with Nationwide, you can rest easy knowing there’s little they won’t cover – from refrigeration breakdowns to damage during loading or unloading – it’s all taken care of!

Add to this, their knowledgeable customer service representatives go above in ensure maximum client satisfaction!


  • Wide range of coverage options.
  • Extensive network across the U.S.
  • Dependable customer support.


  • Rates can be higher compared to other providers.
  • The claim process can sometimes be prolonged.
  • Lack of policy customization.

5. Sentry

In my experience, Sentry is one of the top providers of motor truck cargo insurance due to their wide range of coverage options and excellent customer service.

10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024: Sentry

Their plans not only cater to large fleets but also small businesses ensuring everyone gets their needs met accordingly.

Their solutions include physical damage coverage for trucks and trailers as well as protection against additional expenses like rental reimbursements if your truck needs repair after an accident. They also provide liability protection covering damages you cause to others.

However, like everything else, Sentry has its pros and cons:


  • Comprehensive policies cover both physical damage and liability.
  • Tailored solutions catering to different business sizes.
  • Excellent customer service for prompt resolution of claims.


  • The cost might be on the higher side for small businesses.
  • Coverage limitations depend on individual state rules.
  • Policy terms might be hard for beginners to understand since they use quite some industry jargon.


The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) Truck Insurance is another top player in this sector providing ample protection at competitive rates for independent operators.

OOIDA provides customized plans that cater specifically to owner-operators’ unique needs rather than general fleet policies offered by other companies making them stand apart from other contenders in the market.

Their coverage areas range from basic ones like auto liability and physical damage, extending up to various perils coverages including fire accidents or theft.

Yet balance out matters let’s go through some pros and cons of OOIDA:


  • Customized policies focusing on owner-operators’ needs.
  • Competitive pricing without sacrificing coverage.
  • A great range of coverage options to choose from.


  • Not every state may have OOIDA’s complete offerings.
  • Sometimes, claim processing can take longer than usual.
  • For those new to the trucking industry, understanding their unique policy terms might require some time.

7. State Farm

State Farm is a household name in the insurance sector, known for its wide range of insurance offerings, including motor truck cargo insurance.

10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024: State Farm

They’re renowned for their excellent customer service and superior coverage options. Choosing State Farm assures you a flexible plan that meets your needs whether you own one truck or operate an extensive vehicle fleet.

State Farm’s motor truck cargo insurance covers theft, damages caused by accidents, or losses due to natural disasters like storms or floods.

One outstanding feature is their accessibility; they can conveniently serve you online via their app, or website or even lead you through an agent available round-the-clock.


  • Comprehensive coverage gives peace of mind knowing that all potential threats are covered.
  • Round-the-clock customer service ensures help when needed.
  • Options for getting help either online or over the phone are handy and user-friendly.


  • Their packages might be more expensive than other insurers.
  • Discounted rates may not apply to everyone equally.
  • Entry-level packages may not include certain types of coverage.

8. Berkshire Hathaway

When it comes to financial strength and reliability, very few can compete with Berkshire Hathaway. Known as one of the most financially sound corporations on earth heading into 2024 claims payouts shouldn’t be a source of worry if you have your policy with them.

Berkshire Hathaway offers customized policies based on your type and size of operation—a bonus point given how different each logistics business can be!

They cover loss due to collisions as well as theft, hazards while loading/unloading goods, and non-collision-related events e.g., fire or explosion.


  • Financial solidity is indeed a huge plus.
  • Customization options offered could be particularly useful for businesses of varying sizes.
  • Broad coverage caters to several potential incidents.


  • They don’t have the most user-friendly website, making it challenging for some to navigate.
  • The costs of their insurance policies may not be suitable for smaller-sized businesses.
  • Customer service may not be as efficient compared to other insurance companies.

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9. Chubb

One company that deserves special recognition on this list is Chubb. It has made its mark as one of the leading providers in various insurance industries, including Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

10 Best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies of 2024: Chubb

With global offices established around the world, Chubb brings with it vast amounts of experience and knowledge in managing your cargo risks.

For me, accessibility and flexibility are vital aspects any good insurance company should possess; impressively enough, Chubb offers both.

They cater to different types of vehicles – not just trucks – and cover a wide range of goods such as electronics, textiles, or frozen items among many others. This flexibility certainly helps when dealing with diverse cargo needs.


  • Global reach implies more benefits for international truck businesses.
  • Wide coverage gives space for diverse cargo needs.
  • They’ve earned a reputable name within the industry over time.


  • The cost might be expensive depending on cargo types.
  • Regional restrictions may apply to some policies.
  • The claims settlement process may take longer than desired.

10. Travelers

Travelers is a renowned name in the field of Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. The company stands tall with more than a century’s worth of experience in providing efficient and effective insurance solutions.

Their cargo insurance policy is meticulously designed to cater to any possible road risks coupled with legal liabilities.

Under Travelers’ umbrella, policyholders have access to broad coverage options including collision damage, theft, fire damage as well as natural disasters such as floods or windstorms. To top it off, they provide quick claims assistance through their 24/7 available support team.


  • Extensive coverage options cater to various risks.
  • Quick claim assistance eases stress during mishaps.
  • The reputed and experienced service provider guarantees reliable service.


  • Some policies might be pricier compared to other insurers.
  • Comprehensive packages could include unnecessary coverages for some clients leading them to pay for what they might never use.
  • Confusing policy terms may throw off first-time customers.

What are the requirements of Cargo Insurance?

Getting motor truck cargo insurance involves meeting a set of requirements. How these needs differ will depend on the type of carrier you operate as – interstate for-hire, intrastate for-hire, or private carrier.

Interstate For-Hire Carrier (Household Goods)

If I were to run an interstate for-hire carrier moving household goods, I’d have to pay attention to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules.

This covers and makes sure that if anything goes wrong during my long trip across state lines—the goods get lost or damaged—I’ll have enough money to compensate the owner and minimize my losses.

Intrastate For-Hire Carrier (Household Goods)

Just like with Interstate For-Hire Carriers, Intrastate carriers that move household goods also need cargoes covered.

The exact amount needed may vary from state to state but most states require similar amounts as required by FMCSA for Interstate carriers.

So if I was moving goods within a state’s limit as part of my job—say furniture from one city home to another in the same state—it would be wise for me to check with my local regulatory body before taking out any insurance policy.

Inter/Intrastate For-Hirer Carrier (Non-Household Goods)

Now let’s talk about non-household items—if I was transporting commercial merchandise be it locally or across borders—things might change a bit.

Legally speaking there is no requirement for me to carry cargo insurance but don’t be fooled! Most shippers and brokers would demand at least $100,000 in coverage before doing business with me.

Private Carrier

As a private carrier who controls all aspects of freight operations — from packing goods safely away in containers down to unloading them at the destination without a hitch, they have full control over their freight insurance.

It’s up to me how much I insure my cargo for, but it would be a smart choice to cover an amount enough to replace lost or damaged goods.

With comprehensive motor truck cargo insurance in place, I don’t need to worry about any unforeseen incidents affecting the valuable goods I was trusted to transport.

What does Truck Cargo Insurance cover?

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance ensures protection for freight or commodities hauled by a For-hire trucker. It provides coverage when the cargo is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load.

Named Perils Policies

In the world of Motor Truck Cargo Insurance, one key coverage type is Named Perils Policies. As clear as it sounds, these policies specify certain risks and hazards that are covered. If an incident has not been named in the policy, then simply put, it doesn’t cover that particular risk.

For instance, if I have a policy listing fire and theft but my cargo gets damaged in a collision, it wouldn’t be covered as the collision was not specifically listed in my policy.

Despite the limits on coverage types, this form of insurance can be more affordable because it follows an ‘only what you need’ approach instead of ‘everything included’. It provides peace of mind that I would have financial support against those exact perils in my contract.

All-Risk Policies

Opposite to Named Perils Policies are the All-Risk Policies. These give more expansive coverage and include all risks unless they are expressly excluded within the policy terms. You heard me right; if there’s nothing written excluding an incident then it’s assumed to be covered!

For example, suppose I have All-Risk Motor Truck Cargo Insurance and I face any loss or damage to my goods transported unless that damage is explicitly accepted in my insurance documents. In that case, I’ll get reimbursement for it.

This broader extent of security comes at a cost though; All-Risk Policies usually have higher premiums than Named Peril policies since they encompass wider ground.

Contrasting two policies seems like comparing apples with oranges but understanding what each covers helps me make informed decisions about which suits best according to specific risks faced in transport operations.

Cargo insurance typically costs motor carriers $500-$2,000 a year in premiums for a $100,000 policy limit. However, costs can vary widely based on the type of cargo, the driver’s history, and more.

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What is motor truck cargo in insurance?

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is a specific form of insurance that protects against loss or damage to the goods or cargo that a truck is transporting. It essentially covers the transporter if they are responsible for the cargo being damaged or lost before it reaches its destination.

Does truck insurance cover cargo?

Yes, most commercial truck insurance plans offer motor truck cargo insurance as part of their coverage. This means if there’s an accident and the cargo gets damaged or lost, your policy will provide financial coverage up to its limit.

What is the legal liability coverage endorsement for motor truck cargo?

The legal liability coverage endorsement for Motor Truck Cargo Insurance refers to additional protection provided by certain policies. This covers cases where a transporter may have legal obligations in case of damaged property during transit.

What are the 3 types of motor truck cargo coverage?

There are mainly three types: broad form, named perils, and floater policy. The broad form covers any type of loss except those specifically excluded in the policy. Named perils only cover losses specifically mentioned in the policy. Floater Policy provides comprehensive coverage on movable property whether on site or during transit.

What is the difference between motor truck cargo and cargo liability?

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance focuses on protecting drivers from financial loss if goods get damaged or lost during transit. Cargo Liability Insurance protects drivers from legal actions taken by customers when their goods get damaged during transportation due to negligence on the driver’s side.


Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is a necessity for every trucking business. With an array of top-notch insurance companies like Progressive, The Hartford, CoverWallet, and others offering comprehensive policies at competitive rates, securing cargo has never been easier. 2024‘s line-up of the best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Companies offers a variety of options to choose from.

From cost-effective plans to extensive coverage, from flexibility to exceptional customer service – you have it all!

Therefore, now is the right time for truck owners to invest in a robust plan and avoid potential financial setbacks resulting from theft or damage.