Trucking Magazines: Discover The 20 Best Industry Reads!

Trucking Magazines: Discover The 20 Best Industry Reads!

In the dynamic world of logistics, one tool that remains invaluable in keeping you up-to-date and expanding your knowledge base is trucking magazines.

These astoundingly rich resources not only provide glimpses into the industry’s latest trends and best practices, but they also offer engaging narratives about the world on four wheels.

They cover a myriad of topics – from entrepreneurs who just started their own trucking business to seasoned professionals looking for better ways to navigate their industry’s terrain.

Trucking magazines have long served as a bridge, linking drivers to dispatchers, business owners to potential clients, and enthusiasts to all things truck-related.

With vivid stories and insights that tap directly into the pulse of the industry, these publications ensure that anyone involved in this vast sector is well-equipped with need-to-know information while fostering a strong sense of community among its readership.

Each article delivers more than just facts; they offer perspectives that help shape decision-making processes in what can sometimes be an incredibly tough field to navigate.

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20 Best Trucking Magazines

The trucking industry associates with a wide range of professionals – drivers, dispatchers, business owners, and all enthusiasts.

20 Best Trucking Magazines

To stay connected and informed within this vast sector, numerous publications cater to the interests and needs of these professionals. Let’s dive into discussing the top-rated trucking magazines which are-

1. American Trucker

American Trucker is a leading publication providing essential news, data, and analysis for the trucking industry.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: American Trucker

It features a wide array of content ranging from vehicle maintenance tips, and legal updates, to detailed truck reviews.

The magazine informs its readers about significant industry trends and evolving standards. Its online version American Trucker offers the added benefit of digital accessibility coupled with an impressive scope of industry-focused content.

Key features include product coverage encompassing everything from trucks, trailers, parts, and services.

Their classifieds section offers opportunities for buying and selling trucks and trailers while their blog serves as a platform for interactive conversations about diverse issues affecting today’s trucking community.

2. Fleet Owner

Fleet Owner is renowned for offering reliable information on all things related to fleet operations. With comprehensive coverage on maintenance, regulations, business tips, and technology advancements along with noteworthy stories about transportation companies, it’s no surprise why Fleet Owner continues to be a top pick among professionals.

Highlights of the publications are its regular columns that focus on safety and sustainability issues. A distinctive feature is its “Fleet Management” section which provides strategic advice on managing fleets effectively within complex regulatory environments.

The online portal includes subscriptions to electronic newsletters stretching across various topics – giving you fresh insights right into your inbox!

3. Heavy Duty Trucking

Next up we have Heavy Duty Trucking, an award-winning magazine targeted towards managers of commercial truck businesses. Its primary aim is to provide key insights on effective fleet management strategies.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: Heavy Duty Trucking

Also highlights revolutionary technologies in the market along with regular updates about industry lawsuits and regulation changes.

A key unique feature of Heavy Duty Trucking lies in its exhaustive coverage of green initiatives – guiding fleets towards reducing their carbon footprint while balancing profitability.

Through subscribing to their digital newsletter, fleets can benefit from practical maintenance tips and gain insight into industry trends.

4. Keep on Truckin’ News

Keep on Truckin’ News brings forward the human side of trucking. The magazine offers opportunities for readers to share personal experiences, valuable tips, and words of encouragement for those facing hardship on the road. Emphasizing community bonding, this resource is a unique blend of news and storytelling.

The magazine also takes pride in highlighting voices that often go unheard – like non-profit organizations helping truck drivers in their times of need.

Therefore, be ready for a taste of compassion with your morning cup of coffee when you pick up Keep on Truckin’ News!

5. Keller’s Product and Services

Keller’s Product and Services magazine is designed to help individuals stay abreast with the wide array of products available to support their transportation-based endeavors.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: Keller’s Product and Services

It’s an invaluable resource for vehicle owners seeking expert advice on utilizing new tools and technology to enhance their operations.

The core features of the publication include comprehensive product reviews giving you insights into what works best under different operational circumstances.

There’s also a section dedicated to the latest service offerings for maintenance, repairs, legal help, etc., making sure nothing falls through the cracks as you run your business operations efficiently.

6. Landline

Landline stands out as the official publication of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), a magazine tailored specifically for professional truck drivers with a focus on advocacy and industry news.

Notably, Landline provides insights into regulatory affairs, showcasing how they impact drivers and their livelihoods.

Its comprehensive coverage includes in-depth analyses of transport legislation, equipment reviews, and feature stories about individuals making a difference in the field.

Visitors can access Landline through its dedicated online platform at Landline Media, granting immediate access to e-newsletters, podcasts, and special reports.

What distinguishes Landline is its intent to empower drivers by not only equipping them with knowledge but also engaging in conversations about critical topics such as driver rights, wage disputes, and highway safety.

7. MBM CargoTech

MBM CargoTech operates primarily as an industry tool rather than a traditional magazine – it’s a hub for logistics technology information and products.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: MBM CargoTech

The focus here is on delivering state-of-the-art solutions that streamline cargo transportation. Specialists frequently turn to MBM CargoTech for curated news on cutting-edge developments like AI in logistics or updates on supply chain technology.

Although not available in print format, MBM CargoTech offers robust digital services that help fleets adopt smarter tech practices.

They cover important trends in telematics and fleet management software which are indispensable for those aiming for greater operational efficiency.

8. Movin’ Out

Capturing the essence of the American trucking lifestyle is Movin’ Out, celebrated amongst those who live their lives out on the open road.

Readers will find articles about job listings, upcoming events within the trucking community, and recaps of shows that celebrate trucking culture.

Available both online at Movin’ Out Online and via print subscription, Movin’ Out differentiates itself through vibrant photography and personal stories that resonate deeply with its audience.

Highlighted features often include personal achievements by drivers or memorial segments honoring veterans within the trucking sector.

9. OOIDA (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association)

An integral part of trucker advocacy is embodied by OOIDA, an organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of long-haul truckers across America.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: OOIDA (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association)

Beyond offering support services that benefit owner-operators directly—such as insurance guidance and legal representation—it stands tall as an institution working relentlessly against unfair business practices within the industry.

The association prides itself on creating a united front amongst independent drivers through memberships (OOIDA), enabling them to voice their concerns about national transportation policies more effectively. OOIDA’s long-standing presence has made it synonymous with driver empowerment.

10. Overdrive

Overdrive, is lauded amongst owner-operators seeking to optimize their businesses while maintaining their passion for driving trucks.

It addresses critical areas such as trucking regulations, fuel economy strategies versatile enough for various rig types, and expert advice on maintaining robust health despite long periods behind the wheel.

Readers savor Overdrive’s unique blend of lifestyle content alongside hard-hitting reports—available at Overdrive Online.

This publication takes pains to balance its representation between being informative with topics like CSA scores planning while appreciating luxuries like custom rigs—the best of both worlds under one publication’s umbrella.

11. Private Carrier

Private Carrier magazine serves as a crucial resource specifically tailored for companies that operate their fleet for the transportation of their goods as opposed to for-hire carriers.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: Private Carrier

With a focus on the unique regulatory and operational challenges faced by private fleets, this publication provides in-depth coverage of key areas including logistics management, regulatory compliance, and cost-saving strategies.

Its content addresses fleet safety, vehicle maintenance, and driver retention—issues that stand at the forefront of a fleet manager’s priorities.

Private Carrier offers not just information, but also practical solutions that can be implemented to enhance operational efficiency.

12. Road King

For over 50 years, Road King has been accompanying professional drivers with information-packed articles and helpful advice.

It zeroes in on essential topics such as health tips suited for life on the road, industry news updates, and reviews of truck stops.

What distinguishes Road King is its commitment to enhancing life on the road. Recent editions have underscored new technologies to improve driver comfort and vehicle performance.

Advice from veteran drivers frequently featured in its columns is invaluable; it’s like having a mentor with you mile after mile.

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13. TNT Magazine

TNT Magazine, short for Truckers News & Times, takes an innovative approach to reporting in the world of trucking.

It emphasizes quick reads filled with critical insights about market trends and lifestyle aspects affecting truckers’ daily lives.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: TNT Magazine

One outstanding feature of TNT Magazine is its emphasis on interactivity: quizzes, polls, and contests keep its readers engaged and connected to both content and community.

This dynamic element encourages continual learning in an engaging format, setting it apart from more traditional publications.

14. The Trucker

The Trucker reflects extensive journalism with a focus squarely placed on the individuals who spend their lives behind the wheel.

Its comprehensive reporting covers current affairs impacting subsectors within trucking – legislation updates, financial tips specific to driving professionals, and truck show schedules – all presented through compelling interviews with experts and influential figures within the field.

What makes The Trucker essential beyond facts are narratives capturing driver experiences—anecdotes adding flesh-and-blood perspectives to trucking statistics—and heartfelt recognition of drivers’ commitment despite often challenging conditions.

15. The Trucker’s Choice

Each issue of The Trucker’s Choice is tailored for those seeking classifieds—a vital component when looking to invest or upgrade within their profession.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: The Trucker’s Choice

The reader will find a robust inventory featuring trucks, trailers used parts along with job postings and localized industry services thus becoming a one-stop-shop publication for numerous essentials required by professionals looking to strengthen their operations or enter new ventures quickly

Highlighting The Trucker’s Choice, one encounters regular spotlight sections profiling agencies’ services offering critical support throughout various transactional processes highlighting committed excellence toward customer satisfaction dependency upon trustworthy recommendations that resonate reliability amongst its readership.

16. Truckers News

Truckers News serves as an indomitable source of information for professional truck drivers. Its distinctive features include news, lifestyle articles, health and fitness advice, along with how-to guides.

The focus remains affixed on the trucker lifestyle, making it a refreshing change from the usual industry-centric magazines.

By spotlighting personalized trucker narratives in their ‘Driver Stories’ section, the magazine brings to light riveting stories of life on the road.

For those looking to navigate a career transition or embrace fresh opportunities within the sector, their ‘Jobs and Classifieds’ section is well worth exploring.

On the health front, its vibrant ‘Fit for the Road’ column tenders priceless tips aiming at healthier living despite demanding work schedules.

17. Truck Paper

Staying connected to markets can make all the difference in your business strategy. Enter Truck Paper, an exhaustive marketplace for buying and selling new and used trucks, trailers, parts, and accessories.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: Truck Paper

With detailed classifications spanning various manufacturers, body styles, and state-wise listing alongside an advanced search feature; it’s undeniably an indispensable resource for stakeholders across the industry spectrum.

Comprehensive listings breeze your search for essential resources while detailed descriptions help you draw comparisons effortlessly. A special addition to its online version is the intuitive ‘Dealer Search’ feature which simplifies locating dealers near you.

18. Trucking Times

Reliability reigns supreme when investing in products designed to maximize efficiency or enhance safety on roads.

Trucking Times seamlessly fills that requirement with candid product reviews encompassing vital areas like accessories and add-on gears for pickups and SUVs.

Its print magazine stars regular columns discussing installation techniques while sharing expertise on maximizing utility out of ancillary products like lift kits, toolboxes, running boards, and much more.

Business owners can draw significant insights from their section focusing on strategies to increase profitability in truck accessory businesses.

19. Transport Topics

A profound understanding of how your industry ticks is vital for fostering business growth. Transport Topics stands tall as an authoritative publication presenting logistics and freight transportation news.

20 Best Trucking Magazines: Transport Topics

With feature stories, infographics, and commentaries; it delves deeper into the realm of trucking, freight transportation, logistics, and regulatory coverages.

It hosts unique ‘Top 50’ listings of the largest logistics companies curated across diverse categories. Tapping into technological breakthroughs, the online version introduces ‘TT Tech’ – a detailed coverage of trending technologies influencing the industry.

For statistics enthusiasts – their segment on ‘Dataset‘ invites you to dig deeper into informative transportation data.

20. Commercial Carrier Journal

Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) offers need-of-the-hour business updates and technological trends shaping the industry for fleet professionals.

While readers get detailed insights on equipment, regulations, and management tools; the standout feature remains its exploration into future technologies bearing the potential to redefine traditional paradigms.

Externally focused content like ‘Business Indicators’ furnishes data on fuel prices, and freight volume while internally focused ‘Running Green’ offers tips on eco-friendly practices.

Adopting a forward-looking stance via its ‘Innovators’ segment – CCJ recognizes visionary leaders who have dared to deviate from traditional methods for better outcomes.

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Are trucking magazines valuable sources of information for the industry?

Yes, trucking magazines are rich sources of diverse content including industry news, technological advancements, regulatory changes, personal driver experiences, and more.

What is the difference between ‘American Trucker’ and ‘Fleet Owner’?

While both cater to trucking professionals, ‘American Trucker’ focuses on product coverage while ‘Fleet Owner’ specializes in fleet operation insights including safety and sustainability issues.

Which magazine emphasizes green initiatives in the trucking business?

‘Heavy Duty Trucking’ has exhaustive coverage of green initiatives aimed at helping fleets reduce their carbon footprint without affecting profitability.

Is there a trucking magazine that offers personal narratives from drivers?

Yes, ‘Keep on Truckin’ News’ emphasizes shared personal experiences and community bonding within the trucking industry.

What does Keller’s Product and Services offer?

The magazine provides extensive product reviews along with the latest service offerings essential for efficient business operations within the transportation sector.


When it comes to being well-informed about the industry, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, these trucking magazines are an invaluable resource.

They offer a treasure trove of insightful perspectives, latest news and updates, and constructive advice tailored for anyone involved in trucking.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to immerse yourself in these magazines and join the network of professionals driving our logistics industry forward, one mile at a time!