Trucking Companies By State Directory: Find the Best Now!

Have you ever thought about how the stuff you order online gets to your door? Or how food gets to your local store? It’s all thanks to trucks – big, powerful machines that carry everything we need across the country.

But it’s not just any truck that pulls up; it’s those from reliable trucking companies, organized neatly in a Trucking Companies by State Directory.

This list is like a secret map that shows exactly where these trucking heroes are based. For anyone who needs something shipped or is looking into jobs in the trucking world, this directory is pure gold!

If you’re hunting for Trucking Companies by State Directory, imagine having access to an all-in-one list where every state’s top truck movers are lined up waiting to help you move mountains (or just mountains of packages!).

Such a directory would group these companies neatly state by state – from Alabama with its warm southern charm to Wyoming with its wild western skies.

You’d have details on industry giants and family-run firms alike at your fingertips, making it way easier for you and your business to connect to the right wheels for your cargo.

Exploring Key States for Trucking Companies

When we look at the United States, it’s clear that trucking companies play a critical role in moving goods across the country.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Exploring Key States for Trucking Companies

Each state has its own unique set of trucking companies contributing to its economy and aiding in national logistics.

Some states stand out more than others when it comes to the number of trucking companies they host and the services those companies provide.

Whether it’s due to their location, economy, or infrastructure, certain states have become hubs for transportation businesses.

In this part of our exploration, we’ll take a closer dive into which states are key players in the trucking industry and why they’ve earned that status.

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Despite its remote location and challenging weather conditions, Alaska hosts several trucking companies that provide essential services.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Alaska

While the directory does not mention any firms specifically, it is known for its many shipping companies offering transcontinental services across North America.


Trucking is also prominent in Alabama but specific companies are not mentioned in the provided data. This southern state has a robust infrastructure and a strategic geographic location that makes it attractive for logistics operations.


Similarly, Arizona might not be mentioned in our reference list, but we know it’s an important player based on its vital role as a link between Texas and California – two incredibly significant states within the trucking industry.


Arkansas, often underestimated, is quite significant in the trucking landscape. Let’s put our spotlight on some key players in this state’s trucking sector.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Arkansas
  • ABF Freight System, Inc: Founded back in 1923, ABF Freight System, Inc. has been a longstanding pillar of the Arkansas economy. They operate across North America and are renowned for their excellent standard safety measures and reliable transportation services.
  • J.B. Hunt: J.B. Hunt began operations over half a century ago and today stands as one of the largest trucking companies not just in Arkansas, but across the United States. This company offers a vast range of services catering to various industries making it incredibly versatile.
  • USA Truck, Inc: This Van Buren-based company provides comprehensive logistics solutions to its clients including freight transportation via truckload and intermodal capacities as well as dedicated contract carriage solutions that cater specifically to individual business needs.

These three companies illustrate the strength and diversity of Arkansas’s contribution to the American trucking industry.

They remain key actors driving goods across borders thereby providing invaluable support for both regional and national economies.


California is another powerhouse when we talk about state-wise contributions to America’s transport system through trucks.

  • Contractor’s Cargo Company: With over five decades of experience under their belt, Contractor’s Cargo Company has built an impressive reputation for transporting heavy haul freight all around North America.
  • Dalton Trucking: Dalton Trucking offers specialized services related to moving equipment used in construction projects as well as providing certified drivers for industrial operations like assisting crane teams at job sites.
  • Food Express: As suggested by its name – Food Express specializes in transporting food products especially bulk items such as flour or sugar; they have quite an extensive network extending beyond California all over the Western United States.
  • Other Notable mentions include Price Transfer, Rail Delivery Service, Inc., and Sunset Pacific Transportation. These companies are also instrumental shippers within California and beyond.

California’s trucking scene is vibrant due to the state’s bustling economy, diverse consumer needs, and strategic geographical location.

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Canada hosts several renowned trucking companies that have established their footing in the industry through reliable, quality services. Let’s examine some of them:

  • Arnold Brothers Transportation: This is a company committed to providing unrivaled freight services. They’ve been successful due to their diverse fleet and dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Equipment Express: Focused on the transportation of heavy machinery, Equipment Express holds a solid reputation in the industry.
  • Extrans Cargo: Keeping client satisfaction at its core, Extrans Cargo offers effective delivery solutions for varying types of cargo.
  • Hansen Brothers Moving & Storage: Another reputable company in Canada’s transportation sector, they provide seamless moving and storage services.
  • Kel-West Carriers Ltd.: Kel-West Carriers Ltd has made its mark with significant years of commitment to quality freight delivery.
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight: With its comprehensive logistics solutions, Mill Creek Motor Freight stands as an excellent option for cross-country transport needs.
  • Mullen Transport: Backed by experienced professionals and advanced equipment, Mullen Transport is defined by its efficient and secure freight delivery systems.

More like Ranger Transport, Traffix, Two Small Men Moving Company, and West Freight Systems are offering top-notch services that deserve mention too!


Colorado might not be one’s first thought when we talk about bustling hubs for trucking businesses.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Colorado

But casting aside such preconceptions might lead us to discover some impressive companies paving the way here:

  • Cast Transportation: They strive to offer a variety of transportation solutions taking pride in going above starts by making safety a priority in all its operations leading safely loads from Point A to Point B consistently. The organization believes that each transported load should reach its destination safely without any compromises.


Once we start focusing on individual states, it’s hard not to notice the impact of trucking companies in Florida. This southern state is home to various freight movers such as Auto Haul, Landstar-Ligon, Marine-Movers, and Marlin Gas Transport.

  • Auto Haul specializes in vehicle transportation. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving one car or an entire fleet, Auto Haul can handle the job. Their expertise and commitment to timely delivery have earned them a prominent place among Florida’s trucking firms.
  • Landstar-Ligon provides top-tier freight services across the country. Showcasing an impressive provision for oversized loads; when it comes down to dedicated logistics services, they stand out even in this competitive field.
  • Marine-Movers, contrary to what the name might suggest, don’t limit themselves only to maritime transport. As well as their vessels on sea routes they also run trucks that move everything from personal items to commercial goods across land too.
  • Marlin Gas Transport Inc. concentrates on moving gas products safely and efficiently using specialized trailers designed for this purpose. As you can see these are providers making a national impact within the industry from their operations bases within the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.


The Peach State also hosts some significant players in the transportation sector notably Watkins Motor Lines.

Watkins Motor Lines provides long-haul freight services that rely heavily upon modern technology interfaces making their company responsive and adaptive when dealing with each client’s unique needs guaranteeing reliable delivery times all over America.

From seeing all these examples it becomes clear how the diversity of different specialties available within just a few select states illustrates just why a comprehensive Trucking Companies by State Directory remains so very useful now more than ever before.


Indiana, commonly known as the “Crossroads of America”, boasts numerous trucking companies that contribute significantly to their economy. Among them, four distinctly stand out:

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Indiana
  • Atlas Interchange – This company is renowned for its top-notch services, specializing in freight shipping and trucking. They are committed to providing safe and timely transportation solutions.
  • Machinery Moving Inc. – As their name indicates, this firm specializes in moving machinery and heavy equipment. Their vast experience combined with expert skills makes them a valuable player in Indiana’s trucking scene.
  • PowerSource Transportation, Inc. – They primarily deal with over-dimensional freight. PowerSource Transportation utilizes a network of independent contractors to deliver high-quality services throughout North America.
  • Underwood Machinery Transport – This company stands as an experienced transporter for heavy machinery and oversized loads. Underwood Machinery Transport emphasizes safe delivery which has garnered the trust among many businesses in Indiana.

Indiana’s strategic placement serves these businesses well and helps ensure they can efficiently carry out operations across multiple states.


Over many years, Illinois has consistently shown itself to be a reliable and significant state for trucking companies.

Its central location makes it an important transit hub, enabling transportation businesses to deliver goods efficiently across the US. Let’s take a look at some of the major trucking firms in Illinois.

  • Air-Land Transport Service, Inc.: I can’t overlook Air-Land Transport Service, Inc., a vital player that has been serving customers since 1974. This company is recognized for its flexibility and tailored shipping solutions that cater to both large and small businesses. From special deliveries to comprehensive logistics planning, Air-Land Transport delivers top-notch services.
  • A.N. Webber, Inc.: Another essential provider anchored in Illinois is A.N. Webber Inc., which prides itself on its extensive fleet of vehicles, top-trained drivers, and modern tracking technology ensuring every delivery arrives on time without hassle.
  • Cox Transfer: Then we have Cox Transfer – a company with more than 40 years of experience delivering temperature-sensitive goods all over the nation. Their dependable reefer services have proven why they are still one of your best bets when you need refrigerated transport solutions.
  • JBS Services: Last but certainly not least among these big players is JBS Services – offering impressive heavy haul transport services with an admirable record for safety and efficiency.

Each one of these prominent Illinois-based companies bolsters my point about how crucial this state is within the national trucking map!

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Iowa is one of those noteworthy states in the trucking industry, and several established companies call it home.

  • Barr-Nunn Transporation – A significant player in the transportation business, Barr-Nunn Transportation has a reputation for reliable services across North America. Its steady growth over the years can be attributed to its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. It maintains a fleet of modern and well-equipped trucks that ensure timely and secure delivery.
  • CRST International, Inc. – This is another heavyweight contender originating in Iowa. CRST International is known for its wide array of specialized transportation solutions tailored to various industries’ unique needs. Providing both local and international offerings, this company prides itself on a legacy built on delivering quality services while upholding exceptional safety standards.
  • Select Van And Storage– Primarily focused on making moves easier for customers, Select Van And Storage provides quality moving services intended to relieve clients from the stress related to relocation. They cover everything from residential moves to corporate relocations with professionalism and efficiency in mind at all times.
  • TMC Transportation – The last but certainly not the least on our list from Iowa is TMC Transportation; Known as a leader in flatbed trucking service, this employee-owned company thrives on providing flexible solutions that fit every client’s specific requirements.

Iowa’s geographic location serves as an advantage for these companies because it makes it easier for them to efficiently reach other portions of the United States, thereby maximizing their operational capabilities.


In the heartland of America, Kansas’s very own Yellow Freight is making a significant impact in the trucking industry.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Kansas

They have made a name for themselves by rendering reliable freight services to individuals and businesses alike. Founded on the core principles of performance, integrity, safety, and advancement, they excel in punctually delivering goods nationwide.

Their high standard of service continues to attract customers, earning them an integral spot in the network of American trucking.

Possessing a rich history spanning over nine decades, they’ve evolved with changing times while consistently upholding their commitment to excellence.

Their impressive fleet includes various contemporary trucks equipped with modern logistics technologies advancing efficiency and safety standards.

By valuing their drivers and staff as key assets to their success, Yellow Freight maintains high employee satisfaction rates contributing significantly to their reliability.


Kentucky is home to First Class Services Inc., a celebrated name within the world of interstate transportation.

As its name suggests, this company prides itself on offering first-class transportation solutions ensuring all freight securely reaches its destination on time every time; hence rendering them an excellent choice for handling sensitive shipment needs.

Their unprecedented focus on quality means utilizing modern state-of-the-art equipment designed for delivering superior service regardless whether it’s navigating busy metropolitan areas or cruising along scenic country roads.

They employ skilled professional drivers trained in prioritizing safety above all else making them valuable assets not just for First Class Services but also for clients trusting them with their consignments.


Louisiana, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, is also a key state for the trucking industry. Here, we examine two prominent companies that contribute significantly to the industry:

  • ACME Truck Line Inc. – This company has made a significant impact in the world of transport. Not only does ACME prioritize safety and security in transportation services, but they also provide an array of services such as hot shot trucking and heavy-duty hauling which cater to the specific needs of their clients.
  • R.J. Langley – Another notable name in Louisiana’s transport scene is R.J. Langley. What sets them apart are their specialized services which include, but aren’t limited to petroleum transportation and dedicated contractual services designed to meet the personalized requirements of businesses.

These establishments uphold Louisiana’s prime position in America’s expansive networked transport map through dedicated service.


Moving up north to Massachusetts, we have two more key players contributing substantially to America’s supply chain:

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Massachusetts
  • ADCCO Distribution & Transportation – Offering both local and long-distance shipping solutions has allowed ADCCO to carve its niche within Massachusetts’ dynamic trucking landscape. They advocate effective communication with clients ensuring transparency throughout every step of the process.
  • Gentle Movers – In business for over three decades now, Gentle Movers has been fulfilling commitments with excellence by providing careful and reliable moves catering to both residential and business needs nationwide.

The tenacity demonstrated by these organizations gives Massachusetts an exceptional presence on the national trucking stage.


Maryland, despite its relatively small size, is home to some significant players in the trucking company scenario.

  • Capitol Express & Warehousing is one of them. It’s a renowned company that has carved out a reputable standing in the market for itself over time. Its services are sought after for their reliability and efficiency. With a commitment to speedy delivery, Capitol Express handles the transport of an impressive volume of goods every day using its broad fleet of vehicles and professional drivers.
  • Warehousing is another area where this company excels. Offering comprehensive warehousing solutions tailored to each client’s needs, they ensure safe storage and quick retrieval of goods when needed. Their warehouse operates seamlessly due to smart inventory management techniques that result in improved supply chain performance.


Up north in Michigan, you’ll find some more influential contributors to the trucking industry.

  • Central Transport International: Renowned for its well-organized operations and competent workforce is Central Transport International. This firm handles large volumes of freight transportation across different states daily with high-efficiency levels thanks to its fleet management policies and keen attention to logistical details.
  • Towles Transport: They are known for their strong emphasis on safety measures during transportation which has earned them commendable trust across various businesses they have served so far. Alongside general freight services, they also specialize in transporting delicate or oversized cargo using carefully chosen routes that maximize safety while still ensuring quick deliveries.


Minnesota is home to several key players in the trucking industry, each of them contributing in unique ways to the transportation sector. Let’s take a closer look:

Trucking Companies By State Directory: Minnesota
  • Long Haul Trucking: As the name suggests, Long Haul Trucking specializes in transporting goods over long distances. They’ve built a reputation for providing dependable and timely delivery services, making them a go-to for clients across different sectors.
  • Midwest Specialized: This company is recognized for its expertise in handling specialized cargo – specifically oversized or heavy loads that require special equipment and handling. Their reliable service and focus on safety make them stand out.
  • Transport America: Transport America offers nationwide truckload services with an emphasis on safety and efficiency, bridging great distances to ensure goods get where they need to go.
  • Transport Designs Inc.: With a fleet of more than 100 trucks, Transport Designs Inc. provides both long-haul and regional transportation solutions. Their flexibility allows clients to choose services that best fit their needs.

Each of these companies plays an integral part in keeping Minnesota’s economy moving and offers a glimpse into why the state’s transportation sector is so vibrant.


There are many successful trucking companies located within Missouri as well, such as:

  • Contract Freighters Inc (CFI): A household name within the international supply chain industry, CFI provides full-truckload freight service across North America. They maintain high levels of professionalism while ensuring shipments reach their destinations on time.
  • Metro Express Transportation Services: Recognized for quick delivery times and stellar customer service, Metro Express has earned a strong reputation within Missouri’s trucking sector.
  • Witte Brothers Exchange: Known for customized shipping solutions that cater to specific client requirements – whether it be refrigerated goods or dry van – Witte Brothers Exchange covers various logistics needs effectively.

These are just some examples illustrating how Missouri has become a recognized state for trucking companies. These businesses contribute significantly to the state’s economy and play an essential role in the national logistics network.

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Nebraska is one of those states positioned in the heartland of America where trucking companies thrive. Beyond its location, factors like a strong local economy and a network of well-maintained roads make it a favored home for these businesses.

  • Team Auto Transport: Residing in Omaha, Team Auto Transport is recognized for providing reliable vehicle transportation services. Their reputation comes from both their quality customer service and top-notch handling of vehicles during transport.
  • Werner Enterprises: Werner Enterprises stands as one more key player operating from Nebraska. This Omaha-based global transportation company moves everything from raw materials to retail items efficiently. With over 60 years in operation, Werner has built up a stellar reputation for its services with dedication to safety and innovation being central to their operations.

With these enterprises firmly rooted in Nebraska soil, it becomes evident why this state is pivotal within the US trucking industry.

New Jersey

As we shift our sights over to the East Coast, we find New Jersey basking in its share of trucking success too.

Trucking Companies By State Directory: New Jersey
  • Metro Express Trucking, Inc.: Coming out of Kearny City, Metro Express aims at getting your goods moved faster than you’d anticipate. Known for their expedited service within metropolitan areas around New York and New Jersey, they’ve carved out a niche by addressing crucial time-sensitive freight needs.
  • Preferred Transit Inc.: Specializing in transporting refrigerated goods, Preferred Transit based out of Middlesex offers chilled solutions across various states on the East Coast. They’ve been able to distinguish themselves with on-time delivery coupled with a caring personal touch that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • The Tucker Company: Established back in 1961 as America’s first third-party logistics provider (3PL), the Tucker Company has grown into an industry leader known for innovative supply chain solutions customized according to client needs.
  • TransAmerica: With over a century of experience under its belt, TransAmerica offers integrated logistic solutions ranging from truckload services and less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries to warehousing. Their longevity and continued success can be largely attributed to their commitment to meeting the unique needs of each of their customers.

These four companies paint a clear picture as to why New Jersey plays such a vital role in the transportation industry – they illustrate the breadth of services, specialization, and commitment to customer satisfaction that has led this state to become an East Coast powerhouse for logistics and transportation.

New York

New York is a dynamic state playing a substantial role in the nation’s trucking industry. It hosts several reputable trucking companies, each with their own unique set of offerings:

  • AAA Expedited Freight Systems: At the top of the list in New York is AAA Expedited Freight Systems. Known for providing exceptional services in expedited freight delivery, they’ve built a reputation based on efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s same-day or next-day deliveries, AAA consistently ensures that goods are delivered safely and on time.
  • Coast To Coast Moving & Storage: Another significant player in the New York trucking scene is Coast to Coast Moving & Storage. As you may have guessed from their name, this company specializes in long-distance moving services. Apart from their extensive transportation network, customers also appreciate the comprehensive storage solutions they offer.
  • Metro Express: We cannot ignore Metro Express when discussing prominent trucking companies in New York. They rise above many competitors with their commitment to prompt service and customer satisfaction. Catering to both residential and commercial clients across different sectors, Metro Express demonstrates versatility as one of its major strengths.

Together, these three entities contribute significantly to making New York a powerhouse for transportation services.


In the world of trucking, Ohio is a state that carries considerable weight. Its strategic geographical location and robust infrastructure have made it a natural hub for many major national and international trucking companies. Three such examples are BAX Global, Craig Transportation Co., and Roadway Express.

  • BAX Global is a renowned name in the trucking industry; not just in Ohio, but across the nation. They’ve carved out their niche by providing dependable transportation operations that help keep businesses running smoothly. BAX Global excels in offering specialized freight services, ensuring your cargo gets to its destination safely and on time.
  • Craig Transportation Co. This company has been around since 1927 and prides itself on being one of the most seasoned trucking companies not only in Ohio but throughout America as well. With long years of experience under their belt, they offer unmatched reliability when it comes to transportation services—ranging from local deliveries to cross-country transport.
  • Then we have Roadway Express, another giant in the business whose reputation precedes it across state lines. Their promise: reliable service delivery backed by experienced drivers and advanced equipment ensures every journey with Roadway Express gets your goods where they need to be, accurately and securely.

Oklahoma: Melton Truck Lines

In the heartland of America, Oklahoma houses one of the leading trucking companies – Melton Truck Lines. Established in 1954, this family-run business has grown to become a powerhouse in the industry, employing over 1,300 drivers and operating a fleet of more than 5,000 trucks and trailers.

Melton’s main hub is situated in Tulsa, which gives it a strategic advantage for overseeing operations throughout the central United States.

Melton specializes in flatbed freight services. They carry goods that are large or irregularly shaped — anything from construction equipment to manufacturing materials.

This specialization makes them popular amongst industries that require such services. Moreover, they boast an intensive orientation program for new hires and prioritize safe operational practices which indeed have contributed greatly to their success over the years.

Oregon: All-Ways Trucking Incorporated

Situated on the West Coast of America is Oregon’s centrally-located All-Ways Trucking Incorporated — a company that provides solutions to any kind of transportation need you may think about.

Well-known nationally for its wide range of services tied under one umbrella; from heavy equipment hauling via low-decks and step-deck trailers to shipping tiny parcel goods through vans or rail.

As their name suggests – “All-Ways” stands out because of its versatile service offering! It does not limit itself to any single aspect; instead, it champions multiple specialized freights like refrigerated service (for temperature-controlled goods), hazardous material hauling, or providing less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries.

This wide range makes All-Ways an all-rounder serving businesses across sectors with varied logistical needs.


When we talk about Pennsylvania, it’s important to mention that it is home to several reliable and efficient trucking companies. These firms form the backbone of the state’s transportation system and contribute significantly to the economy.

  • Balford Farms – Balford Farms has established itself as a trusted name in the trucking industry in Pennsylvania. Focusing heavily on providing effective solutions for dairy needs, this company prides itself on fresh deliveries and excellent customer service.
  • Mawson & Mawson – As one of the oldest trucking companies in America, Mawson & Mawson holds a solid reputation for its quality service. It carries varying loads across different sectors, ensuring it meets diverse transportation requirements.
  • PI&I Motor Express – With a specialty in flatbed transportation, PI&I Motor Express serves numerous industries by transporting oversized items that require careful handling and coordination.
  • Reinsfelder — Reinsfelder ensures speedy delivery of freight with their transportation services. They also aid businesses by offering warehousing services within Pennsylvania.

Together, these four trucking companies offer unique yet vital services within their state. With their combined efforts, they ensure Pennsylvania’s economy remains vibrant while supplying essential goods throughout its regions efficiently and reliably.

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Tennessee, conveniently located in the southeastern U.S., is home to an array of significant trucking companies lending their services to both inter-state and intra-state logistics. Here are a few examples:

  • Contract Logistics – This is a well-renowned company known for its effective supply chain solutions. Harnessing a fleet of cutting-edge trucks equipped with advanced technology, Comtrack Logistics has been consistent in punctual deliveries and exceptional service. They have carved out a reputation for themselves as reliable partners in transporting goods across different states.
  • FirstFleet – Earning its stars as a dedicated carrier since 1986, FirstFleet has displayed impressive performance in hauling freight across the nation. It prides itself on its core values: honesty, integrity, and respect for every customer’s shipment. With an eye on safety and sustainability, it constantly invests in its fleet by acquiring top-of-the-line trucks that ensure the safe transit of merchandise.
  • Highway Transport – Established way back in 1948 with just three trucks, Highway Transport now boasts of a nationwide presence having more than fourteen terminals across various states including Tennessee. Comprehensive training programs for their drivers imbibe them with professional competency which ascertains smooth transportation contract execution while keeping customer satisfaction at the core.

Bouncing off from which factors make these companies stand out will lead us further down into another set of noteworthy entries from another great state – Texas!


In Texas, we can find some standout trucking companies aiding in the vast state’s logistical needs.

  • Bee-Line Delivery: This trusted name in the trucking industry has been providing its services for over 50 years. What makes Bee-Line Delivery exceptional is its commitment to reliability and security. They offer same-day delivery of packages regardless of size, fostering trust among their customers.
  • Chaparral Delivery Service: Located in the heart of Texas, Chaparral Delivery Service is known for its rapid response time and dependable delivery system. They specialize in hotshot services, making them a top choice for urgent transportation needs.
  • Clark Freight Lines: A perfect example of a company that champions safety and professionalism above all else is Clark Freight Lines. With a robust fleet and skilled drivers at their disposal, they can transport goods across different states efficiently while ensuring the safety of both their shipments and personnel.

Each of these trucking companies plays an integral role in maintaining Texas’s reputation as a home for dependable freight transportation establishments.


Virginia, another important state when it comes to freight delivery operations, also hosts some key players in the trucking industry.

  • Interstate Van Lines: Distinguished by its quality service assurance and attention to detail, Interstate Van Lines specializes in moving personal items with utmost care. Their customized vehicle fleet enables them to handle residential moves smoothly while ensuring all goods reach their destination safely.
  • Paxton Van Lines: Renowned for international moving and logistics services alignment with high-quality standards makes Paxton Van Lines unique. With strong global networks formed over many years in business, they ensure expedited delivery across country borders without compromising on security or punctuality.

These mentioned Virginia-based firms work hard behind the scenes facilitating diverse logistic requirements daily showcasing why Virginia maintains a stronghold presence within national trucking bounds.


In Washington, three major trucking companies come to mind: AES Logistics, Corporate Moving Systems, and Express Transportation.

  • AES Logistics is a powerhouse within the trucking industry as it offers both international and domestic services. What distinguishes AES Logistics from other freight forwarding companies is their attention to detail allowing for efficiency and service reliability.
  • Corporate Moving Systems or CMS is another featured gem from Washington that’s known for its dedication to delivering a fine-quality moving experience. Whether it’s an international, commercial, or residential move, CMS operates with confidentiality, precision, and professionalism creating an organized move every time.
  • Lastly, Expressit Transportation delivers its promise of high-speed services without compromising on safety standards. Reliable pick-up & delivery times coupled with the finest customer service make Expressit Transportation highly recommended among its users.

Together these companies are making their mark in the field of transportation luring in more clients thanks to their stellar reputation while actively contributing to Washington state’s economy.


Wisconsin proudly hosts three leading trucking companies which are Action Express Inc., Dallas Mavis, and Marten Transport LTD.

  • For over 20 years now, Action Express Inc. has been faithfully serving clients providing services across multiple fields like warehouse distribution operations or overnight LTL (less than load) services ensuring customer satisfaction through all means possible.
  • On the other hand, you have Dallas Mavis, who is undoubtedly an ace player in this industry specializing in freight management solutions. Their constant strive for offering better solutions keeps them going strong gaining a loyal client base nationwide!
  • Marten Transport LTD stands tall as one of the few companies who’ve survived the test of time since 1946! Their durability can be chalked up to diverse service offerings including intermodal transport (using multiple modes of transport), dedicated fleets & regional services amongst others.

These three powerhouses drive Wisconsin’s transportation sector propelling economic growth and supplying nationwide logistic solutions.

US / Canada Wide Companies:

Let’s have a close inspection of some of the prominent trucking companies that operate throughout the US and Canada.

  • Allied Van Lines: This company has been in operation for more than 85 years, helping countless domestic and commercial customers with their relocation needs. Not only do they cover long-distance moves across states, but they also cater to international relocation requirements. When it comes to both personal and corporate moving services, Allied Van Lines has made its mark.
  • Bekins Van Lines: Founded way back in 1891, Bekins Van Lines is an experienced player in this field. They offer efficient moving services for residential and commercial clients alike. Their extensive network enables them to cover different parts of the United States flawlessly.
  • Con-Way Transportation: If you’re looking at big names in full-truckload freight transportation, Con-Way surely stands out. They have a wide-ranging service net that wraps up not only the U.S. but also extends services into Mexico and Canada.
  • FedEx: This global courier delivery giant has an extraordinary reach across nations including serving numerous cities within the U.S.A. and Canada.
  • Mayflower: Mayflower takes pride in its comprehensive range of moving services. Whether it’s long-distance or local moves, household or corporate moves – Mayflower does it all with ease!
  • Pilot Air Freight: Pilot Air Freight specializes in global transportation and logistics services providing expedited freight forwarding solutions that help businesses connect corners of the world swiftly.

Remarkably these companies have fared well against time – adapting to changing environments while continually growing stronger establishing their mark on both national as well as international terrains.

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As a professional in the field, my experience has shown me how crucial a Trucking Companies by State Directory truly is.

Whether you are a shipper needing to move goods over great distances, or a trucker searching for new opportunities in your state; this directory can make all the difference.

It provides vital information that enables transparency and better decision-making within the industry. The states of California and Texas stand out for their dynamic transportation landscape shaped by various underlying factors.

I believe, with comprehensive resources such as these directories at hand, we are well equipped to navigate through America’s complex web of trucking companies.