US States With The Most Bridges: Which State Leads The Pack?

US States With The Most Bridges

Have you ever wondered about the US states with the most bridges? It’s a common question for travel enthusiasts, architecture and infrastructure geeks, or just anyone curious about America’s backbone of roads and bridges.

With over 50 states in the US, each unique in its own way, it can be an intriguing exploration to understand which state holds the crown when it comes to the number of bridges.

It turns out that Texas takes pride in a total of 55,175 bridges per hundred miles of public road. Following Texas, other states such as Illinois with 26,846 and Ohio holding 27,151 also showcase impressive counts.

Facts like these offer us a new perspective in understanding the physical landscape across various States.

States with the Most Bridges

Bridges are a critical component of a state’s infrastructure and can often say a lot about the place.

States with the Most Bridges

Different states have different needs when it comes to bridges, depending on factors like geography, climate conditions, and population density to name a few. Today, we’re going to take a look at the states with the most bridges in America.


In marvelous Alabama, I’ve noticed that there are quite several bridges per 100 miles of public road: exactly 16.1.

US States With The Most Bridges: Alabama

The total number of bridges here is 16,164 with only around 3.5% being in poor condition. I find it impressive how well-maintained they are here considering the large number they have.

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Exploring Alaska was an interesting experience for me as this icy state has around 9.2 bridges per 100 miles of public road – significantly less than other places I’ve been but equally unforgettable for sure!

Something is commanding about each one of its spectacular and robustly designed collections of approximately 1,632 total bridges.


Next up on my list is picturesque Arizona where there’s an estimated 11.3 bridges per every hundred miles or so which equates to an absolute overall total of roughly about 8,467 Total Bridges approximately.

People might think this is fewer than some other places in comparison; however, it has worked perfectly fine for Arizona as it continues keeping its residents mobile.


Arkansas is home to around 13 bridges per 100 miles of public roadways. This state, which has a rich blend of terrain types that require such engineering feats, prides itself on maintaining approximately 12,941 total bridges.

US States With The Most Bridges: Arkansas

While these figures might seem average compared to other states, I think it’s noteworthy that only about 5.4% are in dire condition or need urgent maintenance.


California is another place with numerous bridges narrowed down to about 14.5 per every hundred miles on public roads, which isn’t surprising given its large size and diverse landscapes.

The Golden State boasts an impressive collection of approximately 25,737 unique structures which all vary from short spans over canals and rivers to iconic behemoths like the Golden Gate Bridge.


My time in Colorado revealed an approximate amount of nearly 9.9 bridges for every batch of a hundred miles available for public transport here—this feeds into a wide network comprising roughly about 8,869 total bridge(s) built across the great Centennial State!

But breath easy commuters: only slightly less than five percent are listed as being in poor condition.


Connecticut is another state with plenty of bridges – around 20.4 for every stretch extending a hundred-mile road distance!

US States With The Most Bridges: Connecticut

There’s something remarkable in knowing its estimated total number hovers somewhere close to the vicinity of approximately four thousand three hundred sixty-one plus mark(4,361), each playing a crucial role in supporting travel throughout this charming New England state.


In tiny Delaware; you can find almost predominantly thirteen point four (13.4) ensures pass through well-structured viaduct overhead for every mileage extending up till blissful With merely a negligible number falling under poor condition giving testament to their solid durability against fast-moving traffic below!

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Across Florida’s expansive network of roads lies over twelve thousand individual pieces of civil engineering marvels wind through tropical coastal terrains and diverse city landscapes alike, summing a total of 12,680.

With only a fraction in substandard conditions, I can say their well-maintained status serves to ensure that the flow of life and business never comes to a halt in the Sunshine State.


Georgia holds a mixture of varying sizes each with its distinct feel and character. Although it’s on the lower end with an approximated eleven point nine (11.9) bridge structures within hundred sections of roadways – meaning having nearly about fourteen thousand nine hundred eighty-seven (14,987), they cover a broad swath area greatly benefitting mobility accessibility throughout Peach State.

US States With The Most Bridges: Georgia

Only a stunningly low 1.6% listed requiring immediate heavy repairs – showcasing great attention to maintenance in this southern beauty!


In Hawaii, traveling between places like volcanoes and beaches would be impossible without bridges. And trust me when I say that there are a lot of them around here!

With 1,162 total bridges covering every corner of this paradise state, it boasts about 25.7 bridges per 100 miles of public roads.

While most of its structures remain in good condition, approximately 6.7% need attention due to poor conditions.

Hawaii’s year-round tropical climate does present challenges for bridge maintenance with rapid weather changes leading to wear and tear both above and below the surface level – not what you’d expect from your typical holiday destination!


Where else can you find mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes all in one place? Welcome to Idaho! This wilderness-rich state hosts about 8.4 bridges for every hundred miles of public roadways – totaling an impressive number of 4,561 structures across its landscape.

Whilst commendable attention is given to keep them in good shape (a share of 5.1% are currently reported as poor), it’s quite understandable considering Idaho’s remote nature and seasonally chilly winters – frost can do crazy things to concrete!


The ‘Land Of Lincoln,’ as locals fondly call Illinois; features approximately 18.4 bridges across each hundred-mile radius spanned by public roads—boasting around a whopping total count of 26,846 sturdy creations facilitating effortless transits!

US States With The Most Bridges: Illinois

However; considering Illinois’ dramatic temperature swings having an impact; about 9.2% of them are in poor shape but surely once addressed by local governing bodies, conditions will look up. The sight of bridges looming up over the Illinois River on a crisp winter morning is certainly something special.

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Indiana, also known as ‘The Crossroads of America,’ creates connections through a robust series of bridges — exactly 19,337! There’s about 19.8 per every hundred miles stretch interspersing public roads; aiding trade and transportation alike.

Still, amidst this charm and brilliance hides a ‘not so ideal’ condition – approximately 5.3% classified as being in a poor state due to factors like wear and tear produced by time’s pass along with significant traffic usage. But with an efficient focus on maintenance; the Hoosier State’s future will surely look ingenious!


Known for its diverse landscape across farmlands and rolling plains, Iowa supports an impressive network of bridges totaling around the latter half to 23k (23,870 precisely).

Every hundred miles traversing through public routes witnessing approximately 21 (20.8) structures.

However, as striking as these numbers might seem — about one-fifth (19.2%) endure sub-par conditions mainly linked back to the harsh winters this land faces annually; which explains the heavy focus aimed at scheduled maintenance works.


In ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ varied landscapes integrate smoothly thanks to around 17.9 bridges found every hundred miles across public paths — members count falling close to the twenty-five thousand mark (24,925 total).

US States With The Most Bridges: Kansas

Approximately only a fractional share reported suffering from neglect reaching up to a mere fifth percent (5.2%), marking future restoration assignments critical — thereby ensuring smooth rides experiencing beautiful Wizard-of-Oz countryside views stay uninterrupted!


Kentucky’s large network of waterways requires connecting bridges both large and small at regular intervals amounting up to 18.0 bridges per one hundred miles around public routes; the present count stands firm at the fourteen thousand plus mark (14,410).

Substantial winter temperature dips have previously impacted Kentucky’s bridges thus rendering near-natural fault lines in structure observable at around 7% share of the total — an alarming figure soon due for rectification.

The evening glow off the Ohio River, as seen from a Louisville bridge, is a sight that holds sweetness even amidst such concern.


The Southern “Pelican State” as fondly called sometimes – Louisiana, lies with 19.4 bridges per one hundred miles gracing its public roads, totalling somewhere around 12k+ individual structures.

Unfortunately, a little over ten percent (12.1%) bear traces of poor health which are primarily due to local climatic conditions like heat and humidity alongside natural disasters often harming bridges’ operational status – the state officials hence stay committed to target optimum solutions effectively maintaining life’s rhythm unwavering!


Exemplifying ‘The Way Life Should Be,’ Maine presents an elaborate list of about 10.9 bridges standing tall alongside each one hundred miles spanned by public routes registering a sum count as just over two thousand (2,485)

US States With The Most Bridges: Maine

Yet; the Pine Tree State also faces prominent wear and tear issues with close to fifteen percent (14.8%) classified under ‘poor.’

Factors like severe snowstorms throughout winter extract heavy physical tolls on these structures — thereby demanding effective rehabilitation measures sooner rather than later.


In Maryland; the ‘Old Line State’; you will find an average of around 16.8 timelines offering seamless connectivity spanning every hundred miles driven across public paths yielding approximately five thousand plus strong totals.

While close to five in every hundred bridge structures reported being classified under ‘poor,’ local authorities strongly emphasize reviving optimal health for each; keeping every possible factor hindering consistently smooth travel experiences out—unsurprisingly quite the task but rest assured—the state remains known for turning tides!


Massachusetts is one state that touts an impressive amount of bridges. Despite its compact size, it has over 5,245 bridges – a testament to its rich history and dense population.

It is common for residents and visitors alike to make use of these landmarks daily when traveling between bustling cities like Boston or quaint coastal towns.

However, it’s essential to note the condition these Massachusetts bridges are in since about 8.5% are reported to be in poor condition.

Efforts have been made over recent years towards maintaining structural integrity and ensuring safety for all those crossing.

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The same goes for Michigan – another state with immense relevance among the States with The Most Bridges in America! Michigan features around 11,284 bridges spread across both its peninsulas.

US States With The Most Bridges: Michigan

They provide necessary connections between cities such as Detroit and Grand Rapids or reach remote natural places like the Upper Peninsula’s forests.

However, despite this vast number, it’s concerning that approximately 11.4% of these important structures stand classified as “poor condition.” Engineering inspections unearthed problems ranging from minor maintenance matters needing attention to significant areas requiring immediate repair.


In Minnesota’s case–a land characterized by water bodies—bridges prove indispensably useful! The state economy thrives on important commerce links established by some 13,496 bridges dotting throughout Minneapolis or connecting other major hubs like St.Paul or Duluth; truly substantial among American states.

Although every state grapples with issues relative to its bridge conditions, Minnesota isn’t immune either since about 4.3% of its robust bridges find themselves listed under “poor condition.” Hence bridging gaps isn’t limited to literal connections, ensuring maintained structures figures equally crucial.


Mississippi stands out among states with large numbers of bridges. The state boasts a total of 16,788 bridges which strongly assist in connecting the diverse cities and towns within it.

Whether people are moving from Biloxi to Tupelo or exploring the Mississippi riverbanks, these structures have an integral role.

Regrettably, approximately 6.3% of Mississippi’s bridges are considered in poor condition. The state authorities continue to place high importance on their repair and maintenance due to their contribution to efficient transportation across the region.


Next on the itinerary is Missouri – where a massive amount of 24,590 bridges cater not only to urban areas like Kansas City but also traverse many picturesque terrains stretching over vast farmlands. Whenever anyone talks about States with The Most Bridges–Missouri remains unmissed!

US States With The Most Bridges: Missouri

On a slightly disheartening note though–around 9% of Missouri’s enormous bridge archive are classified as “poor condition.”

State planning consequently places extra focus on restoration projects while viewing future constructions keeping safety standards paramount.


Packing staggering natural beauty, Montana surely doesn’t lag in bridge counts either- featuring around 5,266 such structures!

Montanans heavily rely on these for accessing commercial centers like Billings or Missoula; or when they opt to enjoy scenic beauty splayed around Bitterroot Valley or Yellowstone Country!

Needless saying then that these dependency pillars deserve rehabilitation too! Unfortunately, close to 6.9% of Montana’s striking bridges are reportedly in poor condition; hence there exist substantial initiatives by local government aimed at securing structural security while continuing operations smoothly.


Nebraska gloats an impressive number as well when it comes to counting bridges- a monumental 15,348 of them! These create vital transportation lifelines, connecting urban centers like Omaha or Lincoln with quieter townships.

Blows fall hard when one learns that almost 7.9% of these indispensable structures aren’t safe; which casts a shadow on the state’s infrastructural status.

Prevention better than cure – Nebraskan authorities are thus hustling towards enhanced maintenance and repair initiatives to ensure safer transit solutions.


Even though having less overall density compared to the above-mentioned ones, Nevada doesn’t lack essential bridge connections – accounting for about 2,067. Their presence noticeably bolsters commuting options throughout Nevada’s cities as well as remote desert areas.

US States With The Most Bridges: Nevada

Interestingly though – Nevada fares somewhat better regarding its bridge conditions since only around 1.2% are recognized under ‘poor conditions’. The Mojave Desert state thus appears keen on maintaining its infrastructural integrity while managing critical roadway connections.

New Hampshire

Small but mighty is how you could describe New Hampshire – a state housing roughly 2,527 bridges within its bounds! Unquestionably they serve major commuting paths extending between cities like Concord and Manchester with impressive efficiency.

A pressing concern in the state is that approximately 7.6% of these crucial construction marvels have been declared in bad shape – warranting urgent attention by concerned authorities who seem chained in their dedicated quest to safeguard these invaluable assets’ longevity.

New Jersey

Last but not least among the “States with the Most Bridges” tour comes New Jersey hosting about 6,798 bridges!

These crucial constructions link places: from popular Atlantic City beachfront to the capital Trenton; from noted Newark city to significant educational hub Princeton–these bridges keep her citizens on the move!

Nevertheless the truth about nearly 6.5% of these being under “poor condition” stands unnerving–that’s why huge reconstruction efforts continue overhauling this scenario towards an entirely agile and secure bridging infrastructure for all New Jersey’s patrons.

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New Mexico

New Mexico is interesting when it comes to its bridge statistics. This state distinguishes itself by having about 5.6 bridges for every 100 miles of public road.

US States With The Most Bridges: New Mexico

In total numbers, they boast 4,025 bridges across their terrain. Out of that amount though only a small portion are in poor condition at about 5%.

And while those numbers may not place them on top in terms of bridge density or total count among states with the most number of bridges it’s all part and parcel which makes this land as enchanting as ever.

New York

The state that never sleeps – New York – prides itself on 15.3 bridges situated for every 100 miles of public road they have at their disposal.

Their count totals up impressively to around 17,555 individual structures! About 9% of them however are found to be in poor condition by certain criteria which might raise some eyebrows until you realize how hard this bustling city pounds its infrastructure while never missing a beat.

North Carolina

In comparison then we have the Tar Heel State – North Carolina – showing strong with roughly about 17.5 bridges to account per every hundred miles across their roadscape putting them quite comparable footingwise against New York based on this factor alone!

They can lay claim to housing nearly bout half against NY’s tally though numbering at approximately18,877 complete units within their borders, with around a seventh at poor state currently which is marginally better than Big Apple’s percentage ironically, considering all factors sequentially.

North Dakota

North Dakota may seem to have struggled with maintaining their bridges, having about 10.6% of them in poor condition.

US States With The Most Bridges: North Dakota

They persist on despite that and currently have for us about 4,285 of these powerful structures spanning across their plains, although the count spreads thin with only averaging out at approximately 4.8 bridges over every hundred-mile stretch of road.


The Buckeye State is certainly a state worth mentioning when it comes to bridges indeed! Ohio reveals quite a showing with about 22.1 bridges being accounted for in every hundred miles you explore throughout its beautiful scenes.

A total here reads out as an astronomical figure of almost 27,151 complete structures thereby making quite a leap indeed compared to North Dakota’s figures if we shall contrast compare logically.


Oklahoma presents itself interestingly as well within this comparison chart specifically regarding our topic today!

The state lays claim on approximately over twenty-one thousand (circa 23,220) proud enduring constructions summing up roughly around an average score of nearly half what that would be for each hundred-mile distance measured across its length and breadth. Around double the tenth however are found wanting some maintenance, sadly.


Beautiful Oregon is not far behind too if one puts together its tally concerning its extended portfolio related to bridges that are; It manages an admirable total approaching eight thousand, namely:8,235 told stationary extensions spread across the Beaver State to end to end – north south west all included!

US States With The Most Bridges: Oregon

Usually however barely less than five percent average sometimes require refurbishing – usually but not always!


The stunning landscape state – of Pennsylvania comes next in our list kitted out impressively courtesy of almost twenty-four grand units stationed here there everywhere!

They get it right practically clocking at scarcely below the majority number per every hundred miles best available estimates highlighting an ironic side though pointing just over the tenth count needing some extra attention to work up towards their former glory.

Rhode Island

Cute and compact Rhode Island can surely hold its own when it comes to this department, however, their total figures reveal a solid database touching 779 pieces at hand which averages out around in between a dozen per hundred miles more or less.

Around fifteen percent of them though, (i.e. about every sixth one) unfortunately make us feel wistful due to their noticeable neglect presently.

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South Carolina

The Palmetto State – South Carolina closes our list for today’s write-up. With about 11.9 remarkable structures each decoratively adorning every hundred miles you roam around it prestigiously, they pride themselves on owning a sizable heritage archive getting close to ten thousand distinct entities within their realm!

US States With The Most Bridges: South Carolina

One in twenty on average sometimes are noticed wanting in proper upkeep sadly from time to time generally overviewed scenario coincidentally.

South Dakota

Now shifting our focus to South Dakota, a state known for its beautiful landscapes and Mount Rushmore. In South Dakota, there are 7.2 bridges per 100 miles of public roads – a pretty impressive count given its extensive road network.

The state is home to 5,886 total bridges which serve as essential links within this charming Midwestern state.

However, not all is rosy in terms of bridge conditions in South Dakota. A worrying 16.7% of these beautiful structures sit in poor condition – a figure that underlines the need for infrastructural upgrades here.


Moving southeastward to Tennessee, renowned for its vibrant music scenes and iconic landmarks like Graceland and the Grand Ole Opry House we find it has 21.1 bridges per every hundred miles on their roads totaling up to as many as 20,331 all over the state!

Thankfully only a handful (4.4%) are reported to be in poor health- ensuring smooth journeys for travelers crossing their river divides or steep mountain gorges!


Heading down south now into deep-sea southern states territory with mighty Texas. Brimming with cowboy culture and iconic sites like The Alamo or Space Center Houston Texas hosts an outstanding total of 55,175 bridges!

US States With The Most Bridges: Texas

As far as number game goes they have nearly 17 (17.1) standing proud per every 100 hundred miles journeyed on Texan soil.

Texas boasts one remarkably low percentage when it comes to run-down dilapidated structures seeing only about 1.3 percent from their jumbo size count listed under ‘poor condition’.


The beautiful state of Utah, known for its diverse terrain, is next on our list. Home to the Great Salt Lake and a panorama of stunning mountains, Utah hosts 6.2 bridges per every hundred miles of roads. That’s about 3,056 bridges in total!

Among them only a minute 2.4% come under poor conditions – a testament to Utah’s exemplary maintenance standards for their architecture.


Vermont – the home state of the Green Mountains and famous for its maple syrup production – offers another bridge landscape as interesting as its landmarks.

Every 100-mile stretch road includes almost 20 (19.9 precisely) bridges with a total that adds up to about 2,836.

Only 2.6 percent of Vermont’s overall count falls under the ‘poor condition’ bracket which pretty much means kudos are for their infrastructure maintenance scene!


The scenic state of Virginia, known for being home to many significant historical sites like Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg showcases 18.5 bridges per 100 miles of public roads.

US States With The Most Bridges: Virginia

While this results in an impressive total bridge count at 13,997 across state lines there is a small percentage- approximately 3.5 percent classified as being in ‘poor health’.

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Washington State, famous for Seattle’s Space Needle outdoes itself when it comes to hosting bridges along its picturesque landscapes too! With every hundred-mile stretch decked out with around 10 (10.5) fancy links, be it across oceans or grand canyons.

Overall surpassing impressive numbers like totaling a whopping 8,358 fine infrastructures throughout Washington!

5 percent fall into the disrepair category but contribute brilliantly towards making commuter travel seamless!

Washington D.C.

Hopping over now to Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, where an elegant monumental backdrop is enjoyed with about 16.2 bridges every hundred miles keeping the city beautifully connected.

Whether we are talking about crossing the Potomac River or linking neighborhoods, there are 246 bridges in total spread over D.C.’s terrestrial spectrum. Moreover, only a small fraction 1.6 percent suffer under conditions referred to as ‘poor’.

West Virginia

Next up is West Virginia, the Mountain State that’s home to Appalachian trails and beautiful Shenandoah Valley. West Virginia has approximately 18.8 bridges per every hundred miles tallying up to 7,314 all across state lines.

US States With The Most Bridges: West Virginia

However, quite a large chunk of West Virginian bridges need essential maintenance with an alarming 19.7% reported as being in poor condition – the highest in this list!


Wisconsin state welcomed for its rich cheese traditions and is adorned by the Great Lakes coastline! Wisconsin owns around 12.4 major infrastructures in each hundred-mile stretch on her sidewalks adding up to 14,307 altogether.

Underneath its robust count though hides slightly disheartening records categorizing almost 6 (6.5) percent curved links under ‘poor conditions’. This calls for immediate renewals before they become the focus of any major concern.

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Despite being home to broad plains as well as imposing mountain ranges, Wyoming also has its fair share of bridges.

Presently boasting over 3,114 structures which allow people to navigate its diverse terrains more comfortably.

For anyone venturing into Wyoming’s panoramic wilderness don’t let the number fool you – with every bridge per 100 miles of public road only amounting to around 10.4.

While many indeed are in good condition facilitating the ease of travel for both locals and tourists alike there are around 6.5% in poor condition and requiring significant improvement.

Nevertheless, Wyoming’s bridges represent a vital element in aiding people traverse this naturally beautiful state with majesty all around – offering an infrastructure promise with every mile driven.

Puerto Rico

Even though not on mainland America itself, Puerto Rico still holds importance when it comes to “states with the most bridges”.

US States With The Most Bridges: Puerto Rico

Bridges here mean more than just aiding daily commuting or facilitating tourism; these structures aid in knitting together communities beyond city borders cementing a strong cultural identity Island-wide while promoting cohesion despite geographical challenges faced by inherent island living.

Statistics concerning the total number or quality conditions are hard to come by due to a lack of regular number reporting from territorial authorities but evidence exists implying significant improvements are needed on existing older bridge networks primarily.


Guam, another island territory has bridges playing a significant role in connecting different parts of the island.

Given its location and geological factors bridges are cornerstones to ensuring Guam’s intra-island transportation remains seamless, benefitting residents while aiding the numerous tourists who come year-round seeking tropical enjoyment.

While total numbers aren’t reported regularly like states on mainland America, any visitor or resident can see firsthand just how essential bridges are here – maneuvering around Guam’s diverse landscapes from dense jungles to pristine beaches!

Northern Mariana Islands

Turn your attention next to the Northern Mariana Islands, where its infrastructure is largely dependent on a series of bridges connecting various islands in this U.S. Territory.

This geographic spread makes it vital for these pieces of engineering prowess that support both residential commuting and stimulate tourism.

Similar to other territories mentioned overall data regarding total bridge numbers or quality conditions is seldom systematically available from local authorities making it problematic to accurately compare them with states on mainland America.

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands which like others discussed serves as another example regarding the importance of bridge structures even though they may not compare numerically to bigger mainland states in terms of counts per every 100 miles of public roads.

US States With The Most Bridges: U.S. Virgin Islands

These archways across differing geographies aid in connecting local communities whilst unlocking areas for tourists to reveal the true Caribbean beauty underlying these islands.

Despite no formal reporting mechanism present for systemically recording all bridge-related data – anyone visiting or living there can visually confirm these structures do contribute significantly towards enhancing lives whilst accentuating environmental beauties surrounding them!

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Which state has the most amount of bridges?

The state with the most bridges in the United States is Texas, boasting a total of 55,175 bridges.

Which country has the most bridges?

While this article is centered around states within the U.S., it’s worth mentioning that globally China holds proud first place for the country with the highest number of bridges.

How many bridges does each state have?

The exact number varies greatly from state to state but all statistics can be found within this article. For example, Hawaii has 1,162 while Illinois features an impressive 26,846. Take time to go through each section to see how each state measures up!


The intricacy and vastness of bridge networks across US states are evident. The figures represent a diverse picture of infrastructure that varies greatly across each state.

Some states like Hawaii, Ohio, and Mississippi topped the list having the most bridges per 100 miles of public road, while others like Nevada lagged comparatively in terms of bridge numbers.

But it’s not just about having more bridges; there are varying conditions these bridges are in – some being in excellent condition while others showing signs of deterioration.

Hence each state must focus not only on building more infrastructure but also on maintaining what they already have.